I’m Here To Spread Panic

And why not? Europe is headed for the rocks. And it appears that there is nothing that can save it. The rocks are Eastern European debt. If mishandled by the world policy establishment, this debacle is big enough to shatter the fragile banking systems of Western Europe and set off round two of our financial […]

The Bo Diddley Beat

I especially liked the Bo Diddley Beat about 4 1/2 minutes in. Cross Posted at Power and Control

What Engineers Do

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 I especially liked Part 5 where one engineer describes what it is like to commit other people’s lives to one of your designs. I had that feeling a lot working in aerospace on jet aircraft. I still get that feeling when a plane goes down. Was it […]

Beyond Expectations

I’m visiting here and there on the ‘net and find many conservatives shocked and awed by our new President. They believed it would take Obama six months to show his level of incompetence. But two weeks? Outside the realm of calculation. Only three Years 11 months and 6 days to go. He has exceeded his […]

China And Russia Hooking Up

Yes. It is true. They are hooking up their electrical grids. AREVA’s Transmission and Distribution (T&D) division has signed a multi-million Euro contract to supply H400 High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) thyristor valves to interconnect the Chinese and Russian power grids. The contract, the first of its kind awarded to AREVA T&D in China, is signed […]

Bigoted gay double standard

While running through a predominantly gay neighborbood in Los Angeles yesterday, I saw a sign which struck me as so ridiculous that I did a doubletake, and returned to take a photo of it. What that means is that residents who leave their homes and return (whether to go to local stores or whatever) more […]


Obama has a plan for herding his cattle (or should that be sheeple) into cities where they will be more amenable to Democrat machine politics. That’s why I’d like to see high speed rail where it can be constructed. That’s why I would like to invest in mass transit because potentially that’s energy efficient and […]

The Wind Power Express

Since there is so much Green Money coming out of Washington it looks like a lot of people want in on the act. There is a lot of wind in the upper Mid-West but not many power lines. So a company is proposing that the government get behind building some new power lines. ITC Holdings […]

Short cloudy blogburst

I’m now officially on the road, having stopped in LA to help an artist with a kiln problem. Being wIthout Internet access where I’m staying, I decided to check email at a local place called the Lyric Cafe, on Hyperion and Lyric. (Good coffee.) I’m just lucky as hell that M. Simon has been blogging […]

Better Than Theory Predicts

Dave Price at Dean Esmay has done a post that I should have done. He is discussing Physicist Rick Nebel’s report on the latest Polywell Fusion experiments. Dean goes into the technical nitty gritty of the report (and has a link to where the discussion took place) and if that interests you by all means […]

Old People Will Not Be Stimulated

It looks like the Obama administration has found the perfect cure for our medical crisis and our Social Security crisis. Kill off old people. Republican Senators are questioning whether President Barack Obama’s stimulus bill contains the right mix of tax breaks and cash infusions to jump-start the economy. Tragically, no one from either party is […]

Chemicals And DRAMs

Keeping an eye on the supply and demand of basic commodities can tell a lot about the direction the economy is headed in. Cross Posted at Power and Control

Pot Head

Lucky she didn’t try “bong head”. Although lighting it would probably have been more fun than torching the pot. Cross Posted at Power and Control

Bong Hits For Kellogs

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up, Michael Phelps who won 14 Olympic Gold Medals in Swimming has also been caught smoking a bong. Graphic evidence has been provided. Naturally his sponsors are not happy. But the sponsor’s customers are unhappy that the sponsors are unhappy. As part of its damage control efforts […]

Giving The Economy A Boost

It looks like the Obama administration has accidentally given the economy a boost. Due to the overwhelming increase in orders, it has become increasingly difficult to predict deliveries for all Rock River Arms’ products. Because of this, we are no longer quoting estimated delivery dates. We are continuing to increase production, build, and ship products […]

Sgt. Mom Found A Good One

Sgt. Mom, blogging under the pseudonym Celia Hayes, left this comment at Althouse about the Obama Administration. “I knew it was gonna be a train wreck, but I thought it would have pulled out of the station, first!” Sgt. Mom writes books. You should read some. H/T Instapundit Cross Posted at Power and Control

Obama Jokes

So I’m Googling around type “Obama” into Google and the #2 item on the list with over 8 million references is “Obama jokes”. Well I got to get me some of those. My favorite so far is “Barack Obama is President of the United States”. I’m sure he will get funnier as time goes on. […]

The times they are a changin’

I’ve had no time to get online lately, but I loved the nostalgic nugget that Glenn linked earlier : So you have a former Weather Underground member who now is pro-military, throwing shoes at the anti-military Socialist Mayor, in a protest that would fall under the “community of sanctuary” protection if the protester still was […]

Mothers Drugging Newborns

Yes. When I first learned of this practice I was shocked. What kind of mother would do such a thing? Cannabinoids, whether plant-derived, synthetic or endogenous, have been shown to stimulate appetite in the adult organism. We have reported previously that cannabinoid receptors play a critical role during the early suckling period: Then comes a […]

Tax Breaks For The Rich

It seems as if we have a new kind of economic privilege in America. The Senate voted Tuesday to give a tax break to new car buyers, setting aside bipartisan concerns over the size of an economic stimulus bill with a price tag approaching $900 billion. The 71-26 vote came as President Barack Obama said […]