Obama’s choice for Education Secretary, Arne Duncan who is currently Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago Public Schools, is presiding over one of the worst school systems in America. Anne Leary of Backyard Pundit has the scoop.

Only 6 of 100 Chicago Public School students go on to get a bachelor’s degree by age 25. Barack Obama chose Chicago’s school chief Arne Duncan as the new Education Secretary. A product of private schools, University of Chicago’s Lab School and Harvard, and hoops games with Barack, Duncan has been in Chicago for 7 years and has presided over a 94% failure rate. As Dan Proft just said on WLS, this is Barack’s chummy choice, this is change we can believe in?

I wonder what you have to pay to be Secretary of Education? More or less than a Senate seat? I guess it depends on what the opportunities are.
You know when Obama gets done with the Federal government a scoop will not be sufficient. I’m guessing that a mere shovel will not be enough. A steam shovel will be required. Or maybe a dredge to clean out the muck.
Here is hoping America gets what it wanted. Good and hard.
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