In light of my earlier post about terrorist attacks on Westerners in Mumbai, the idea of wishing people a Happy Thanksgiving feels a bit surreal.
However (via Glenn Reynolds), as Roger L. Simon explains, even in light of these horrific events, there is a way to say “Happy Thanksgiving” in an appropriate context:

The brutal events in Mumbai remind us all that the War on Terror is the real deal – not a police action, as the aforementioned Mr. Kerry once said – that will doubtless be with us for the rest of our lives. And that may include the young children at the table.
…It has long been my contention that the War on Terror (War on Islamofascism) will only be won if the Democratic Party owns it as well as the Republicans. Now that can happen, for better or worse. So, dear readers of this blog, when you gather around your tables today, love that family member who voted for the other side. You’re going to need him or her and he or she is going to need you. We’re all in this together.
Happy Thanksgiving!

No way could I have put it better. We all own it now, and we all have to deal with it.
So Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!