A recent commenter on my last post had this to say:

I’m not so worried about the Dems handling science.
But please, lets not waste any more GOP money trying to get prayer into school and evolution out.

I’ll disagree on the first count, but of course I agree on the second. The Republican party should not be a vehicle for the ideology of any group, particularly on religious grounds. The commenter was clearly interested in pointing out Republican hypocrisy, a tired and indefensible claim that often reveals the bigotry of the complainant.
This may be a good time to talk about what I believe, and why I am not a hypocrite, because faith in Republican hypocrisy drives so many people, like that very commenter, who also snarked about there being a lot of “recovering homosexuals in the GOP,” as though gays (like all minorities) have a moral obligation to support the democratic party.
As an atheist, a skeptic, a Darwinist, a public school teacher, and a registered Republican, am I as odious as a gay or a black Republican? What is this hypocrisy that we all share?
It’s simply that we do not fit the stereotype. It’s the same stereotype that had some Democrat supporters alternatively giddy and outraged at the news of Sarah Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy. How many times I heard it remarked that the situation didn’t seem very Christian, or conservative, or even Republican! I heard it said that Christians would have to reject Palin, that Palin must be ashamed of her daughter. And then there was the disbelief that it never came to pass. How hypocritical of the evangelicals in this country to embrace a sinner!
So much of this hypocrisy hysteria comes from people who think they’ve got the other side all figured out, like armchair anthropologists thumbing through archaic notes on the characteristics of the tribes of man. On this page there’s a diagram of Republican Man, concise notes on his beliefs, his superstitions, his customs.
But what happens when a specimen doesn’t fit the diagram?
When it’s a small-minded Republican making the observation he sees not Republican Man, but RINO: another species altogether.
When it’s a leftist? The common hypocrite.
I’m afraid your textbook has misled you.
Neither party, Democrat or Republican, should be shackled to the ideologies of any of its constituencies. There are Christians in both parties. There are atheists in both parties.
Believe it or not there are gays in both parties.
And now we know convincingly, thanks to the passing of Prop 8 and the election of Barack Obama, that there are homophobes in both parties.
A gay Republican does not match your definition of gay? It’s time to revise the definition, not denounce the man.
You will find hypocrisy everywhere, but my conscience is my own, not my party’s. Consider this: what you call hypocrisy in a Republican may simply be the diversity you can not stand to part with as your party’s exclusive purview.
Let it go.