Via Glenn Reynolds, I am delighted to see that the Ayers story is starting to be reported in the MSM.
Well, the New York Post might not be the New York Times, or the Washington Post, but it’s a start:

CHICAGO – While Barack Obama has long downplayed his connection to Bill Ayers, a co-founder of the violent Weather Underground radical group, new documents show the two worked much more closely together in starting an educational foundation than has been previously known.
Recently released board-meeting minutes for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge show the two were present together at least six times in 1995 as the foundation’s members discussed how to organize and operate the project, which was Ayers’ brainchild.

It’s going to take time to get this story out, and it will be denied, minimized, and obfuscated, in every possible way. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t remember Ayers and the Weather Underground, and a new generation of young people have either never heard of them, or think it’s no big deal, because they’ve heard they were cool. Like “Weren’t they working for social justice or something?” Or “I think my English teacher used to be with them, so it’s no big deal.” That’s the problem; young people simply do not understand why it’s a big deal. Many of them have been raised and trained by people who think a guy like Bill Ayers is perfectly acceptable. Mainstream, even.
So, in addition to getting this story out, there needs to be an effort to remind people that doing things like blowing up an NCO club is way uncool. Definitely not part of the mainstream.
And that people who were into stuff like that but wish they were more successful, well maybe they shouldn’t really get to be mainstream.
And maybe their close cronies shouldn’t get elected president.