If you visit this blog regularly, you probably know that I have no tipjar, but that I occasionally urge readers to donate to other bloggers instead. Right now, Dean Esmay could really use your help. Details and tip jar here.
While it’s a real drag to ask people for money, I’d like to give a couple of reasons why I think readers should donate to Dean.
One is that while I don’t ask for money, I like to think that if readers like what they see here, they might consider it worth an occasional donation. So, as I’m lucky enough not to need to ask for money for myself, shouldn’t I be allowed to redirect some of that “goodwill” to others? As I see it, I have a responsibility to use this blog that way if I can.
Two is that Dean is a great blogger and thoroughly worthy of a donation even if he wasn’t in need (which he is). He’s been a personal inspiration, and he was one of the first bloggers to link and encourage me when I was completely unknown and he was well established. Which means that any readers who like this blog and also like Dean’s World have a double obligation to make this donation. In fact, I’d go so far as to say to any reader who likes both blogs, you have no excuse not to hit Dean’s tip jar!
So please, go donate now.
UPDATE: My thanks to Glenn Reynolds for linking this post. Please help out if you can; I donated yesterday and I’m donating some more today. I’m not George Soros and I can’t afford to match your contributions dollar for dollar, although I would if I could, because I think helping Dean is a worthy cause right now.