Larry Johnson is having a look at the response by the group running the Obama/Ayers ad to the suit filed with the Justice Department asking them to block the airing of the ad.

The Obama Memo argues initially that AIP’s substantial and thorough 167-page documentation and research in support of the Ad, which was provided to your station and publicly posted on the AIP website ( was provided for the purpose of ‘hiding the truth’ or attempting to confuse station managers regarding the Ad. The purpose of the documentation is, of course, the opposite.
My client was well aware of the need to carefully and thoroughly research and substantiate every assertion in the Ad, which is exactly what has been done. The research document in your possession includes the full articles and transcripts, not excerpts or headlines. Every statement in the Ad is clearly stated, with the documentation for that statement furnished in its entirety.
By contrast, the Obama Campaign has furnished as its ‘documentation’ to refute the Ad a two and one-half page memorandum, with twelve footnotes, three of which are to AIP’s own research. None of the articles in their entirety were furnished, which would disclose that the ‘sources’ for the assertions in the Obama Memo include editorials by left-wing writers and publications, one transcript with an incorrect date, all without authors or titles of the articles, and none of which include the context of the statements cited to refute the factual statements in the Ad.
The Obama campaign asserts that the ad is “a malicious attempt to link Senator Obama to domestic terrorist activities.” The Ad does absolutely nothing of the sort.
Instead, the Ad discloses information that is factually accurate regarding William Ayers and his domestic terrorist activities including bombing the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon among other government buildings and targets. The fundamental information in the Ad discloses the relationship between Sen. Obama and Ayers, asking why a candidate for President of the United States chooses to associate himself with such an individual — ever.

A 167 page document backing up every assertion in the ad. That is what I call fact checking.
The serious attacks on Kerry didn’t begin until after the Democrat convention. It appears that the Democrat convention is not helping Obama. I think he is headed for a disaster of historic proportions and that it will poison the well for the Democrats for at least a generation. The Democrats could easily lose the House and might have a serious set back in the Senate as well.
And what will be the new conventional wisdom? McCain Democrats.
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