Dennis here. I’ve been drawing again and have plans with some old friends to revive a few dusty old ideas for comic books and strips. But I’ve never quite found the right idea for this site. I tried my hand at political cartoons a time or two (or five) here, but it never quite caught on. Finally there’s an idea brewing that I think may work, but in the mean time (and it may just end up being a long mean time) I thought I’d post some sketches I did today while trying out a new pen.


As you can see I still had my mind on trying some political cartoons, though I’m so behind the times I’m still focused on the Axis of Evil.

So here’s a proposition:

If, however, anyone wants to propose ideas for cartoons you can send suggestions to classicalvalues at with the subject line “Cartoon Idea“. It could be a fun and challenging way for me to test myself, and you’d have the honor of seeing yourself credited with the idea in the post.
UPDATE: Drew, you’re so right, and I’m already feeling his wrath: