Eric Dondero of the Libertarian Republican blog has some very kind words for Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin has long been considered to be a libertarian-leaning Republican. As Mayor of Wasila (Anchorage suburb), Palin was friends with local libertarian Republican elected officials, and worked closely with them on tax cut proposals.
She is known to have spoken to two Libertarian Party meetings in 2004/05. She was endorsed by the Libertarian Party of Alaska in the final days of her race for Governor in 2006, even though the LP had it’s own candidate. On election night, Ms. Palin at the Egan Center, went out of her way to acknowledge the Libertarian Party’s support in her victory speech. Immediately afterwards, she embraced then LPA Chairman Jason Dowell in the crowd. Dowell, and other Libertarians had stood on street corners waving signs for Palin the final two days.

Eric has an editors note that is very interesting.

Editor’s Note – As many of you all know, our own Contributing Writer Adam Brickley of Colorado is the Founder and Chairman of the Draft Sarah Palin for VP Campaign. (I guess, as of this moment the group should happily go defunct.) We are extremely proud of Adam’s efforts. And we are proud to have lent our support to Adam, and played a role in this effort.

So who is Adam Brickley? Glad you asked.
Lets have a look at the Washington Post to get some details.

Online, politicians and their supporters both leave digital footprints.
And so it was that yesterday’s announcement of Gov. Sarah Palin as Sen. John McCain’s running mate led us to Adam Brickley, a young Republican who’s a recent graduate of University of Colorado at Colorado-Springs. In Feb. 2007, months before the first-term Alaskan governor, was on anyone’s radar screen, the 21-year-old created the blog Draft Palin for Vice President.
Yesterday, much to his own surprise, his dreams were answered. Brickley wrote around 6 p.m. Friday: “Just so that you all know, I did receive a brief phone call tonight from Todd and Sarah Palin.Thanks to them for being so kind.”
Earlier today, Brickley told The Trail about the call. “They thanked me for my tenacity,” said Brickley, who now lives in Washington, D.C., and works as an intern for the conservative site
Brickley’s blog grew into a Facebook group. In the summer of 2007, when McCain’s campaign was languishing and Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson were atop the polls, Brickley also created the pro-Palin Facebook group Draft Palin for Vice President. Today that group lists more than 1,400 grateful members.

Well what do you know. Sarah thinks Adam made a difference.
I think it is now time that the rest of us Libertarian Republicans went out and made a difference.
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