A comment from No Quarter which is a pro Hillary site.

Comment by Clinton Fan 2008-08-30 06:19:01
I might, too. I gave his campaign $20.08 and told them Hillary sent me!
Obama’s strategists miscalculated. I’m mad as hell, not gonna take it any more, and NOT getting over it.
Time to put Howard, Donna and company in the “naughty chair.”

The smell of fear is in the air. There is blood in the water and the sharks are circling. Despite the fact that this year should be a lock for Democrats from top to bottom, I think there is a strong likelihood that the Democrats could lose control of the House and Senate. I think the Presidency is already a lost cause for them.
The American people are tired of the corruption, voter fraud, and the cesspool that American politics has become. I’m seeing comments like the above at all the pro-Hillary sites and even the pro-Obama sites before they are scrubbed.
There is anger out there like I have never seen before. More intense even than the Contract with America revolution. Why do I say that? Because the anger is bi-partisan.
Let me quote from commenter Neil who had a few words on my post Motherhood, Apple Pie, And Oil.

Mitt Romney would’ve been the safe choice–he would’ve delivered Michigan, along with a 51% victory.
With this choice, McCain has stated his intention to “shoot the moon”. He’s solidified his existing alliances and has now reached out to many disenchanted Democrats, but without alienating his base of support.
He’s going to try for a blowout…

Yes he is.
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