I just watched Bill Clinton basically steal the show from Hillary, in the form of a rousing speech which made the case for a return to Clintonism. He kept saying that Barack Obama is ready (now that he has tapped the foreign policy experience of Joe Biden), and he kept ticking off his own accomplishments, which he says the Republicans have undone. Quite a speech.
I think he’d like to have the White House back, and I kept having this weird feeling that the role of Barack Obama (whether he realizes it or not) is to cement into place a return of the Clintons.
Next time, it will truly be their turn, and Hillary will have earned it. If things go according to this script, the radical Obama will lose, McCain will be the Republicans’ last gasp, and America will return to “moderation.”
MORE: Ann Althouse live-blogged Bill’s speech, and I like the way she summarized it:

8:24: Bill Clinton is doing a fabulous job tonight. His superiority to everyone else who has spoken is painfully obvious. “American will always be a place called hope.” Brilliant. He’s the greatest!
8:26: And, now what is going through his mind? And that’s how it’s done you losers. Screw you for rejecting, Hillary’s. Enjoy your doom, fuckers.

(Via Glenn Reynolds.)
(My problem with the Clintons is that I’m still sick of them.)
MORE: I also watched Joe Biden, who sounded like an angry hack. I agree with Glenn that Bill Clinton is still the best the Democrats have.