Trutherism is becoming a contagious disease

This web site is a perfect example of why people don’t want to go into politics. Such sliminess is unbelievable. But it’s all in a day’s work for the likes of Daily Kos, Andrew Sullivan, and other gullible bloggers I once respected who ought to know better. I hope this poor girl gives a tearful […]

So why do they insult our intelligence?

Roger L. Simon takes issue with the conventional wisdom lumping so-called “social issues” together: The preeminent social issues – gay marriage and abortion – are quite separate. Lumping them together, as is often done by the media and by ideologues on both sides, is insulting to our intelligence. It certainly is. What’s even worse is […]

The Equalizer

A New Image

H/T Libertarian Republicans

Pit bull politics and leadership of the pack

I’m not normally one to praise Jimmy Carter, but I just stumbled onto an interesting tidbit I’d never seen before that (because of my admitted bias) warmed me to him. Not all Pit Bulls are bad, but they are strong and, when tested, they do attack with a bone-crushing, mutilating bite. The American Pit Bull […]

The Swift Go-Go Boots for Truth Campaign?

Politics is sleazy, and I’m quite used to dirt-digging, bogus allegations, wild exaggerations, and things blown out of proportion to their actual importance. I’ve seen so much mud-slinging over the years that I often think I’ve seen everything. One of the first things I thought when I heard about Sarah Palin’s nomination was that she’d […]

Libertarian Republican

Eric Dondero of the Libertarian Republican blog has some very kind words for Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin has long been considered to be a libertarian-leaning Republican. As Mayor of Wasila (Anchorage suburb), Palin was friends with local libertarian Republican elected officials, and worked closely with them on tax cut proposals. She is known to have […]

A Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of The Chicago Machine

This happened a while back but I’m just catching up. The DNC has moved a considerable portion of its operations to Chicago. “This is part of the implementation of the plans Paul [Tewes] discussed last week with the state party chairs,” Finney said. “As part of the efforts to fully integrate DNC operations with the […]

“Out of touch with the lives of real Americans”

I’m sorry, but with remarks like this, Obama is asking for it: The Obama campaign is not backing down. “The fact that John McCain does not know how many houses he owns when millions are struggling to stay in the only house they have shows he’s out of touch with the lives of real Americans,” […]


If you want to see the whole interview of Sarah Palin talking about energy policy with a transcript visit this site.

the right combination?

I’m a sucker for puzzles, especially when I can’t figure them out. Someone could probably trap and kill me by using the human equivalent of the monkey trap if the trap consisted of something I couldn’t figure out, but which looked as if it maybe could be. I think that whether puzzles are a waste […]

Devil or Angel?

“A vote for McCain/Palin is a vote for gay marriage.” So claims this website, citing this news report that as Alaska governor, she vetoed a bill “sought to block the state from giving public employee benefits such as health insurance to same-sex couples.” Thus, argues the site, “Sarah Palin’s veto gave gays the same rights […]

I’m Mad As Hell

A comment from No Quarter which is a pro Hillary site. Comment by Clinton Fan 2008-08-30 06:19:01 I might, too. I gave his campaign $20.08 and told them Hillary sent me! Obama’s strategists miscalculated. I’m mad as hell, not gonna take it any more, and NOT getting over it. Time to put Howard, Donna and […]

She’s Fantastic

From the video: “Republicans are much more open to strong women”

Sarah Barracuda

Pardon the opening. It was the best of the lot.


Good news!

I’m delighted by today’s news. By picking Sarah Palin, McCain has hit it out of the ball park. I’m also delighted that M. Simon proved to be so prescient. MORE: Dick Morris says that Barack Obama delivered McCain a “body blow” with his speech last night. Maybe so, but it looks like McCain can take […]

Motherhood, Apple Pie, And Oil

Drudge Report says the GOP VP pick is Sarah Palin. Inspired. It will pick off a lot of Democrat women. It will attract the 51% of Americans who want to develop more American oil resources. H/T Instapundit and Eric Scheie via e-mail. Cross Posted at Power and Control

How Much Oil Is There?

David Zondy is taking a look at resources and the ginned up fear of not enough. As an Englishman living in America, where Marmite is hard to come by, I’m all too familiar with the concept of scarcity, but a lack of resource in a local or a particular instance is a very different kettle […]

Active Measures

The video explains how Marxists have destroyed a significant swath of America. The fact that Obama is the Democrat nominee shows just how far the rot has gone. Ex-KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov is the speaker.