This is a response to a post and the subsequent comments about AL Gore’s plan for powering America with alternative energy in ten years.
Al Gore is an idiot.
He is a promoter. He stands to get very rich if he can persuade Congress to implement his schemes.
Solar scientists are predicting a little ice age. How many solar scientists are on the IPCC? Hint: less than one.
Al is totally ignorant of logistics. Just making all the solar cells required in 10 years is not possible. The best place to put them is the desert. Not many power lines in the desert. What is the total world solar cell production capacity? We can make maybe 100 MW (peak electrical output) per year. We need to make 500 GW or so just for America (and that just covers the power when the sun is shining). Wind power is more promising and the upper Mid West is the best place. Problem? Power lines.
The longer we put off going solar the better the technology will be. So what should be done now is what is economically feasible. No subsidies or mandates. Same for wind.
The #1 problem with alternative energy is storage. Al says nothing about that.
To make all this come together we will need 2 MV DC power lines. How many 2 MV DC power lines are there any where in the world? Zero. Who is currently planning on building any? No one.
Did I mention Al Gore is an idiot?
Well maybe not so much. He has conned a lot of rubes after all.
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