This is just to say that despite calls by others in years and decades past, now really is the time to privatize the postal service.
My girlfriend and I returned home tonight after a lovely evening with friends to find everything as we had left it. We’d already received our daily ration of junk mail and bank statements by late morning. But she’d been waiting for a few packages, and decided to check “Track and Confirm” online. Imagine our surprise to find that one package had supposedly been delivered at 4:00 PM, and a notice of attempted delivery had been left at the same time.
There was no notice. There was no package.
What there was, however, was a sneaking suspicion that the carrier had left these across town with the people whose mail we always end up with. See, we have the same apartment number. Different complex. Different street. Different plus-4 codes (which we’ve begun using to help the Postal Service keep things straight).
But hey, I’m a reasonable guy. I know that these things happen. It’s just that they’d a hell of a lot easier to fix or prevent in the real world. You know the real world? Where customers can actually complain, or find a phone number or an e-mail address? The real world where competition means those who fail to satisfy their customers make way for the rest?
Can’t I send off an e-mail to customer service, leave a message for my local agent, or log in to my account? No? Doesn’t that seem odd in 2008? Can’t I even find the phone number for my local branch? (800) ASK-USPS? Are you sure that’s local?