No, that is not a joke about heteronormativism. Or even homonormativism.
I just didn’t know what else to call a post linking B. Daniel Blatt’s “McCain’s Straight Talk Express Stops in Beverly Hills.” And while the subject of gay marriage did come up, that’s not the point; I just got a kick out of the title.
If you’ve heard the claims that McCain is arrogant, aloof and won’t listen to people, be sure to read Blatt’s account:

Yesterday, while in Los Angeles, his campaign also reached out to bloggers, inviting a number — including yours truly — to attend a “press availability” in Beverly Hills. Along with the local media there, we felt a bit out of place, given the camaraderie of the press corps which travels with the campaign. But the candidate treated us no differently.
Indeed, the Arizona senator seemed to relish the exchange. At one point when a staffer said they had time for just one more question, he overruled her, saying he’d take a few more. He responded quickly and deftly to all but one question, only occasionally failing to provide a direct answer. He stammered a bit when replying to a question about cluster bombs, stating that he hadn’t looked into the issue, but his decision on whether or not to ban them would “depend on the circumstances.”
The Republican candidate wanted to focus on the Iraq war and national security, distinguishing his positions and record from those of his likely Democratic rival, Senator Barack Obama. The press, however, seemed more interested in the revelations from former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan and the Arizona senator’s relationship to the incumbent president.

Concludes Blatt,

As a blogger who, unlike the reporters there, acknowledges his bias, I guess it’s fair for me to say that I came away impressed with the senator’s performance. He was quick on his feet and responded to all but one question promptly, confidently, and very often with good humor. However, the press seems reluctant to give him credit for making himself so readily available, even as he took far more questions than his staff thought he had time to address.

I also see myself as a blogger who, unlike the reporters there, acknowledges his bias. But I guess if reporters did that, there wouldn’t be any need for bloggers.
I know he continues to get it from both sides, and I don’t agree with him on a lot of things. But John McCain just keeps looking better.
To second what M. Simon said earlier,

You know, I could get to like McCain.