Another tail-wagging “tantrum”

Take a look at this video of John McCain being heckled by anti-war protesters. As I’ve discussed before, McCain has this calm, unflappable quality, and when he’s under pressure, all that seems to happen is that he looks mildly amused. I’d be willing to bet that if his blood pressure were monitored during these incidents, […]

Republicans Need A Hawaiian On The Ticket

May I suggest Linda Lingle a two term Republican Governor of Hawaii. She won her last election in a Democrat state by 62.5% to 35.4%. She is Jewish, which might help peel NY-31, NJ-15, and FL-27 from the Democrat column. That is 73 Electoral College votes. I think the help in those states would be […]

Highway 61 Revisited

This is an interesting version. Just a little different from the album version. The illustrations are by Giovanni Rabuffetti of Italy. Harvey Brooks (the bass player on the album version) talks about the album session from his point of view. Part two of his remembrances are here.

save the Rhinos!

No, I don’t mean the Republicans In Name Only. I mean real rhinoceroses. According to Michael Miersch (one of Germany’s most prominent writers on ecological matters), efforts to stop “Global Warming” are endangering not only Rhinos, but many other forms of wildlife living in rain forest areas being burned down and replanted for biodiesel production: […]

Unoriginal non-endorsements cheerfully issued here!

In a comment to the last post, longtime commenter Rhodium Heart argues very convincingly for a McCain/Hillary Unity Ticket: Please please please be the first one in the blog-o-sphere to suggest that John McCain form what other presidents have done in times of war: a national unity ticket. Just like Abraham Lincoln (R) chose Andrew […]

Stop the numbers already! Prevent buyers’ remorse!

I wish I could prevent the Democrats from seeing these numbers, but I can’t. So I might as well speak my mind. As I had expected would happen eventually, McCain is pulling ahead of Obama, yet Hillary still beats McCain: Tracking Polls (General) * Gallup: McCain 47, Obama 45 * Gallup: Clinton 49, McCain 44 […]

Peace Through War

Jefferson to Adams in a July 11, 1786, letter: “I acknolege I very early thought it would be best to effect a peace thro’ the medium of war.” Jefferson was speaking about the jihadis of his day. A sobering thought for this Memorial Day.


It’s Memorial Day and most people are out and about, as I will be too. (I’m planning to attend a Memorial Day event at Laurel Hill Cemetery.) While it doesn’t apply to the kind of people capable of reading blogs, I was taken aback to read that according to a recent Gallup poll, 28% of […]

SoHo in perspective

This pair of discarded television sets in SoHo looked so forlorn that I felt obligated to take a picture of them: Not sure whether the graffiti beautifies them or makes them uglier, but it seemed to add to their pathos. Near the TV sets, a colonial soldier looked almost as forlorn, especially because he had […]

Why the lesser of two evils is more evil than the greater

While I’ve long been an advocate of a conservative/libertarian political alliance, electing someone like Barack Obama was not exactly what I had in mind: The only thing Senator McCain and his consultants can say to conservatives and libertarians is * The Democrat boogieman is going to get you if you don’t vote Republican or * […]

What Is Wrong With Republicans?

In the primaries the Republican base did what has fractured the Democrat base. They voted for a candidate “who looks like me” (socialist Huckabee) instead of voting for the Reagan Republican (Thompson). With the conservative vote split we wind up with McCain. The liberal wing of the party has to be satisfied (we need their […]

Well, neurosis is a disease, isn’t it?

I love thinking about the psychiatric underpinnings of the “Wi-Fi allergy” meme that’s been floating around like an Internet virus: A group in Santa Fe says the city is discriminating against them because they say that they’re allergic to the wireless Internet signal. And now they want Wi-Fi banned from public buildings. Arthur Firstenberg says […]

No Blood For Oil Or No Drilling For Oil?

Some one should start asking the leftys what they really want. It is my opinion that if America started drilling for oil now as the price starts going through the roof we could bring the Middle East to its knees by bringing a lot of oil on line in the next few years. Where would […]

Fandom — a choice or an illness?

Roger L. Simon is wondering whether his own Lakers fandom (and perhaps fandom generally) is a form of mental illness: Sometimes fandom almost feels like a mental illness. During the playoffs, I can spend more time thinking about my team than my work, family, or anything else. Part of the reason I am writing this […]

Republicans are less sexist than Democrats!

Who knew? In today’s Wall Street Journal, Donald J. Boudreaux figured it out, simply by applying logic to Hillary Clinton’s contention that she is a victim of sexism: This fact (if it be a fact) reveals a hitherto unknown, ugly truth about the Democratic Party. The alleged bastion of modern liberalism, toleration and diversity is […]

One unintentional conspiracy insinuation deserves another!

Barack Obama can be such a wimp. I mean, he had a perfect opportunity earlier when Hillary made what this unintentional assassination insinuation: “We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.” That just cried out for another bumbling unintentional remark. Something cute like this, perhaps. “We all remember Vincent Foster was found […]

VooDoo Child

Nationalize The Oil Companies

Maxine Water’s wants to socialize the oil companies if gas prices don’t come down. Yep. Drilling for American oil off America’s coasts and in Alaska is off limits. Socializing the oil companies is not. And yet the American electorate looks to give the Democrats a landslide in November. In the main because Real Republicans™ are […]

My guess is anyone’s guess

Who will John McCain pick as his running mate? In the last post, I suggested Lieberman (for the second time, BTW…) but good arguments can be made against him — just as good arguments can be made for or against most of the possible choices. Writing for Pajamas Media, John Hawkins takes a look at […]

Rules are rules. But fair is fair!

We all agree that rules are not fair, right? So, when the rules don’t apply because they are not fair, what rules apply? Because of the close race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, this is the hottest question in politics right now, and it is generating fierce debates, like the one between Andrew Sullivan […]