F^*k It - McCain '08

Commenter Mike at my post Republicans Need A Hawaiian On The Ticket said:

It seems everyone wants to essentially surrender and put a RINO (or in Jonah Goldberg’s case, an actual Democrat) on the ticket with McCain.
Wouldn’t it be better to have a VP who actually brings people to the ticket, instead of pushing away the voters we actually have?
Here’s a brazen idea: let’s put a real conservative on the ticket with McCain (someone who could be a great President in 2012) and start a GOP renewal by refocusing the party on conservative prinicples.

I believe in conservative principles. Before the end of the first trimester abortion is none of the governments damn business.
And I’m a Real Conservative™. Tobacco and pot are none of the governments damn business.
I’ve studied the global warming science very carefully and from this engineer’s perspective it is a total crock.
None the less I’m a strong supporter of MCain. Despite my very Libertarianish tendencies.
Make it harder for you to vote for McCain? You have no idea how hard it is for me to vote for the crap the GOP serves up to me. But you know there is a fookin’ war on and my pet issues can wait until our civilization is properly secured.
In any case the VP has absolutely nothing to do with making or signing abortion laws. If it can give us a win in any of the states I mentioned I’m for her.
The election is going to be a dog fight and the MSM is white hot for Obama in a way they were not for Kerry (he did have their wind at his back). I want every stinking advantage I can get in the coming election. Even if it means giving up many of my most cherished positions and principles.
Civilization depends on it.
Rachel Lucas has it right:

F^*k It – McCain ’08

The least Repulsive Democrat Running

Because Civilization Comes First
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Clayton E. Cramer has linked. Clayton is running for the Idaho Senate. If you are from Idaho give him your support.
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