Who is the Devil? That would be me. Who says so? That would be Obama’s Spiritual Mentor, the person who coined the phrase Obama used as the title of one of his books The Audacity of Hope, the irreverend Jeremiah Wright.

“Theologically, Malcolm X was not far wrong when he called the white man ‘the devil.’ The white structure of this American society, personified in every racist, must be at least part of what the New Testament meant by demonic forces… “

Evidently there is good money in this kind of talk. The irreverend went into retirement in a $1 million dollar home (he needs to talk to Al Gore about his carbon foot print). Evidently he has come out of retirement because there is still money on the table.

Here is a bit I did on Black Liberation Theology. You can see what Wright’s mentor James Cone has to say in this video. Glenn Reynolds has this to say (along with his usual enlightening linkage) about the irreverend’s latest spew.

Yes, Wright’s views certainly contradict Obama’s stated beliefs, policies, and values.

My blog mate Eric also has a few words about Wright’s latest pronouncements.
My take on all this? The irreverend Wright is trying to help his close friend Barack Hussein Obama get elected.
Update: 29 April 008 0335z
The Telegraph Co. UK. has a few words:

Barack Obama’s former pastor returned to plague his White House bid yesterday with a nationally televised speech in which he blamed US policy for the September 11 attacks and praised the controversial black leader Louis Farrakhan.

And this choice quote from Obama’s campaign manager.

David Axelrod, Mr Obama’s chief strategist, admitted to the cable news channel MSNBC that the campaign had no control over the minister. “Obviously we would not have encouraged him to go on a media tour,” he said.

They finish up with this gem:

Joe Watkins, a Republican strategist and pastor, who is black, said: “This hurts Obama tremendously because all it’s doing is causing people to remember that Barack Obama has been a member of this man’s church.”

Obama is so forked. Burnt toast.