Fortunately the Marines are a Branch of the US Navy (my service) or I would be really worried. Well any way, this is a tribute to all my jarhead friends. Semper Fi. Get some.
Update: Some related news from Vodka Pundit

From far outside the safety of the Green Zone, Michael Totten reports:

I stepped inside the school yard. Hundreds of children saw me and the Marines, and the whole place erupted in screams of excitement. It was as if Britney Spears or the guy from Coldplay had shown up. The volume was just extraordinary and I took a few steps back in surprise.
Wildly screaming children jockeyed for position in front of my camera. After a few minutes of pandemonium, teachers coaxed most of the kids into classrooms and left a few behind to pick up the trash and sweep the sidewalk around the courtyard.

And we all know how the Arab world cheers the weak horse.