Normally I wouldn’t spend my time searching online for vintage “Ramar of the Jungle” episodes. But when I read (via Ann Althouse’s link) about the African adventures of Amanda Marcotte, and after seeing pictures like these stirred up my superstitious imagination (if not my primitive jungle urges), I decided to go the extra mile.
The cover is pretty tame:
But the inside pictures are juicier. Check ’em out!
Amanda has been so nice to me in the past that after seeing the extensive discussion about the book, there was just no way I could sit idly by.
So, in honor of the blogosphere’s leading jungle woman, I hereby present a very fitting Ramar of the Jungle episode — “Mark of the Bola” (1952):

….featuring Jon Hall as Dr. Tom Reynolds – a.k.a. “the great white “ramar” – and his associate, Howard Ogden, and Willie. Ramar and crew have great adventures in the jungle – fighting for truth, justice and the American way – in the heart of Africa.

While it’s a bit cheesy by modern standards (and surely offensive to most activists), the this film nonetheless contains clear evidence of a feminist subtext, and the following line brought to mind Amanda Marcotte:

“the mere fact that a woman survived a calamity that struck down three strong men would arouse the superstition of any primitive mind.”

As if we didn’t need further proof that this film’s subtextual narrative represents an early cinematic effort at gender-shattering intrigue, Dr. Reynolds actually gets a man to pass himself off as a woman in the hope of tricking the backward savages.
Why, it’s almost socially redeeming! See for yourself!

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(If the above won’t stream, the link is here.)
And be sure not to miss the famous Noxzema comfort shave commercial at the end. If you get tired of Ramar, it’s separately clickable.
(Take it off! Take it all off!)