“only 9 at the time”

Interesting perspective on Ayers and the Weather Underground by one of their intended victims.

Amanda of the Jungle

Normally I wouldn’t spend my time searching online for vintage “Ramar of the Jungle” episodes. But when I read (via Ann Althouse’s link) about the African adventures of Amanda Marcotte, and after seeing pictures like these stirred up my superstitious imagination (if not my primitive jungle urges), I decided to go the extra mile. The […]

Instructional Video

Via Jack Carino: Tech Support from the 1930s: How to dial a rotary phone. Jack is a friend from the Philippines who I met through Dani Molintas who wrote A History of Addiction. You can read more Dani at her blog Carpe Diem. You can read more Jack at Jack Carino. Jack is a collector […]

“profound desire not to be judged”

It’s not every day that I open the Philadelphia Inquirer to an editorial page debate between Andrew Sullivan and a leftie activist. And when on top of that the topic involves collective responsibility, it’s the sort of thing I cannot not write a blog post about. Sullivan and Clarence B. Jones (“former draft speechwriter for […]

Because The Night

For those of you who prefer the Patti Smith version. Patti wrote the song with Bruce Springsteen.

Carbon Nanotube Breakthrough

Nanocomp Technologies has announced a breakthrough in carbon nanotube production. They can make fibers in the 1 mm length range. This makes possible carbon nanotube cloth. Carbon nanotubes have wonderful properties. Very high strength. Light weight. Good electrical and thermal conductivity. However, up to now, competitive commercial manufacturing processes have generally produced only short carbon […]

A Wright-wing conspiracy?

In what probably won’t shock most seasoned political junkies, it appears very possible that Jeremiah Wright’s troublemaking conference yesterday at the National Press Club was set up by a Clinton supporter: Shortly before he rose to deliver his rambling, angry, sarcastic remarks at the National Press Club Monday, Wright sat next to, and chatted with, […]

An Unkulunkulu atheist vows never to be out-atheisted again!

Unkulunkulu? That name leaped out at me as I read John Derbyshire’s Pajamas Media piece about atheism and science. Discussing some fascinating correspondence with author David Berlinski, he takes issue with what he calls Berlinski’s “vague notion that atheism is a sort of religion — “a doctrine,” you say — that people sign on to, […]

Where Do The Commanding Officers Live?

Watch the video. Then contact these people: House of Representatives The Senate The President This shit (and if you watch the whole video that is no exaggeration) needs to get fixed at once. Total Bravo Sierra. H/T Instapundit

Choose your identity group carefully, kids!

Reading Harvey C. Mansfield’s review of Donna Freitas’s “Sex and the Soul”, I was struck by the foolishness of young people who (assuming Freitas is right) make the most personal sexual decisions according to a herd mentality. …college students today enter a low hook-up culture when they leave the classroom. In case you don’t know, […]

The Chickens Are Coming Home To The Roosters

Dennis The Peasant has a wonderful post up about the difficulties of being an uber feminist in an age of Political Correctness. It all revolves around Amanda Marcotte and some very delightful if politically incorrect illustrations. H/T Insty Cross Posted at Power and Control


On the radio yesterday, I heard Rush Limbaugh bragging that thanks to him (and what he called “Operation Chaos,” but which I call “Operation Elect Hillary”), Hillary Clinton is now ahead. When I distrust someone, I tend to be dismissive of whatever that person says. Bad logical move. (Even liars sometimes tell the truth.) Anyway, […]

In The Middle Of The Road

I saw Chrisse do this at On The Waterfront Music Festival in Rockford, Illinois. She was kickin. I don’t know the line up for this year, but if you check back at the link it should be announced in another few months. It is always a great party and probably more music for the money […]

How many wrongs make a Wright?

Today I learned that there’s no escape from Pastor Jeremiah Wright. I didn’t watch his live appearance before the National Press Club on C-SPAN, nor did I check my email until after he spoke. But since Pajamas Media had been nice enough to ask me to cover the event, when I finally saw their email […]

The Devil Speaks

Who is the Devil? That would be me. Who says so? That would be Obama’s Spiritual Mentor, the person who coined the phrase Obama used as the title of one of his books The Audacity of Hope, the irreverend Jeremiah Wright. “Theologically, Malcolm X was not far wrong when he called the white man ‘the […]

Supply and Demand

If you want to keep up on supply and demand fundamentals Purchasing Magazine and their e-mail newsletter is an excellent resource. Forgive the ads that come with the video. It is how they make the $$$ that helps them keep up with the news. If you qualify Purchasing Magazine is free. If you don’t qualify […]

Gnip Gnop

What is Gnip Gnop? Ping pong spelled backwards. Officially Table Tennis. And what is so important about that? Let me see if I can narrow it down some. It is about state government. Illinois State Government. It is about FOO. FOO? That would be Friends of Obama (D, Rezko). Also FODu and FODa. That would […]

If thine balls offend the state….

In more posts than I can count, I’ve complained about the mandatory spay and neuter movement, which is built around the idea that whether your dog has testicles is the government’s business. Well now, via TigerHawk, I see that the busybody bureaucrats who can’t stand balls on animals have ratcheted up their campaign, and they […]

The unbearable state of being “unable to say”

Many, many people have dumped on John McCain for betraying North Carolina Republicans by trying to stop the now-famous political ad (which skewers Obama for the Wright and Weather Underground relationships, and concludes that Obama is “too extreme for North Carolina”). Maybe Obama is too extreme for North Carolinians, but I’m wondering about McCain’s motivation […]

The lock and key, helmet and cell-phone, nanny-surveillance class!

(And the other America…)

In a post titled “America’s Worst Mom?” Dr. Helen questions whether New York Sun columnist Lenore Skenazy (who let her son take the subway home alone) is in fact the worst mother in the country, as many Newsweek readers contend. Said Skenazy, “…Half the people I’ve told this episode to now want to turn me […]