It hurts to read that Fred Thompson dropped out of the race. After South Carolina, I knew it was inevitable, but it just plain hurts.
FWIW, I favored his candidacy back in March, and I was defending him when people were making fun of him because I thought he could be a great president.
Those interested in reading what happened from the standpoint of insider should read Patrick Cox’s post. It especially pained me to read this:

Most of the leading candidates were working behind the scenes for years, making unofficial deals with the people in every state who know how to wield influence and mobilize the rank and file. Fred, on the other hand, honestly never lusted for the power of the presidency. He agreed, upon significant urging, to run because he believed it was the right thing to do for his children and the country. Politics, however, apparently requires more.

(Via Glenn Reynolds.)
Those who most want to be president are those who least deserve to be elected. The best presidents are those who are forced or persuaded by others into accepting the job.
All the more reason he would have been a great president.
Don’t expect me to throw my support to anyone right now. (Not that it would make much difference.) Before I supported Fred I supported Guiliani and I guess I can do that again, but that’s not the point of this post.
The whole thing is just a damned shame.
UPDATE: My thanks to Glenn Reynolds for the link and the quote. A warm welcome to all.