A comment Glenn Reynolds made the other day reminded me that everyone has their limit:

Bill Quick begs to differ. Hey, for everybody there’s a point at which they’d rather take their marbles and go home. For me it would be Huckabee. For some Democrats it was Gore in 2000 and they voted Nader instead. For some Republicans it was GHW Bush in 1992 and they voted Perot.

This reminded me of a discussion in an earlier post’s comments between me and Bill Quick, in which he asked me how I would feel about Romney had he hired Goebbels as an advisor.
While Goebbels is of course an extreme hypothetical, these are good questions.
And lest anyone get the misimpression that I don’t have my limit, I do.
I’m tempted to say it’s Alan Keyes, who, by running against Barack Obama, caused me to support the latter in the Senate race (in a fit of pique, I even purchased RepublicansforObama.com and let it lapse). If the GOP somehow selected Keyes as the nominee, the truth is that I simply, absolutely, could not vote for him. (No, I would not vote for Hillary, but I might very well think about leaving the country to avoid the coming civil war.)
But Keyes isn’t my only limit; Pat Buchanan would probably do it for me to. And so would David Duke (who ran in the 1992 GOP primary, believe it or not).
So, I have my limits, and I think everyone does.
I’d be a hypocrite not to understand the refusal of people to vote for McCain if the man so violates their sense of principles, and I’d be the last to demand that anyone pull the lever in such a way as to violate his sense of conscience.
But just because I understand, that does not mean I agree.
And just because I disagree does not mean I am being condescending.
MORE: In the first sentence, I should have said that “everyone has his limit,” which would be grammatically correct. But that’s so politically incorrect that the standard usage in ordinary conversation has changed. It’s now politically correct to be grammatically incorrect.
(And I should probably say “incorrect grammatically,” but some things carry the Culture War too far….)