I can’t believe it, but I’m watching the returns trickle in, and Obama is winning by a much larger margin than I expected.
As of right now, with 56% of the vote in, Obama is ahead 54% to Hillary’s 27%.
And Bill is red faced and ranting in a Missouri speech — as if he’s running for president.
Naturally, the Clintons will spin this as a vote along racial lines. Michael Graham outlines how:

No matter what happens in South Carolina today – even if Obama wins a plurality among white voters – the Clintons and their media stooges have turned South Carolina into “the black primary.”
In fact, the bigger his win, the more it reinforces the campaign-killing message that Barack Obama is “their” candidate.
If tomorrow’s headlines read “Obama Crushes Clinton, Wins 80 percent of African-American Vote,” every non-black voter will get the message that Obama is somebody else’s candidate, not theirs.

(Via PJM, and Glenn Reynolds.)
However, the vote is so lopsided that Obama might be getting more support from white voters than the Clintons counted on. Considerable animosity was expressed by white voters in exit polls:

74% of African-American voters think that Clinton unfairly attacked Obama. But when we look at the same question among white voters, a comparable number thought Clinton unfairly attacked Obama — 68%.
Also worth mentioning, a majority of the voters — 56% — said that Bill Clinton’s campaigning was important to their vote today.

But as to the overall white vote for Obama I don’t know the actual numbers.
I do know that the pundits predicted a 13 point spread, and this is more than twice that.
MORE (09:26 p.m.): Just finished watching Obama’s speech. Once again, I have to say that he is a great orator, a speaker with the ability to inspire. The best rhetorician I have seen (my B.A. is in Rhetoric and I say this as a compliment) since Ronald Reagan. His appeal is wide ranging, and his sincerity is obvious. While I am skeptical that he can overcome the entrenched Clinton machine, anything is possible.
I’m very impressed at his ability to go for the jugular in a respectful manner. He nailed the Clintons on their bullshit, and their racializing, yet he did so without a hint of an ad hominem attack.
MORE: CNN just showed Hillary delivering a speech in Nashville. That faux Southern accent again! Her performance reminded me of Zelig, and I half expected her to break out in the refrain of “Stand By Your Man.” (Fortunately, she didn’t.)
AND MORE: Via CNN, the white vote for Obama:

South Carolina White Vote for Obama
college educated 32%
no college 17%
18-29 50%
30-59 24%
60+ 15%
obama total 24%
jesse jackson white total 7%

Again, the age gap!
UPDATE: My thanks to Glenn Reynolds for the link, for the quote, and for the kind words about the “jugular” remark. Welcome all!
Hmmm… I know about the adage about catching more flies with honey, but is there a corollary that jugulars are best approached with respect?
UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds has a great roundup of reactions including Dave Kopel who, while diametrically opposed to Obama politically, nonetheless gives him a high score:

A citizen can disagree with governmental policy proposals of Barack Obama, just as a citizen could disagree with the the policies of Ronald Reagan. But there is no reasonable doubt that Reagan did an excellent job in his role as Head of State. A patriotic American can appreciate the good work of a President as Head of State, even while disliking much of the President’s work as Head of Government. Senator Obama’s victory speech in South Carolina suggests that he too might be an outstanding Head of State.

More ominously for Hillary, Mark Steyn calls Obama “Kennedyesque.”
And some Democrats are wising up about the Clintons; Captain Ed is not surprised!
Overall, I think Barack Obama has shown remarkable humility. Considering the nature of American politics, that’s refreshing in itself.