I’ll concur with Glenn Reynolds in saying “Ugh” to this sort of thing:

Mike Huckabee last year accepted $52,000 in speaking fees from a bio-tech giant that wants to research human embryonic stem cells, a non-profit working to expand access to the morning after pill and a group pushing to study whether tightening gun control laws will reduce violence.
Huckabee opposes embryonic stem cell research, emergency contraception and stricter gun laws – all of which rank high on the list of deal-breakers for many of the religious conservatives whose support he’s ridden to the top of the Republican presidential field.

With Huckabee, the list of “deal-breakers” just goes on and on.
This morning Dennis sent me a link to another Huckabee horror. In addition to a gun control problem, he also has what’s being called a “muzzle control problem“:

….At one point, Huckabee’s party turned toward a cluster of reporters and cameramen and, when they kicked up a pheasant, fired shotgun blasts over the group’s heads.
This, friends, is dangerously bad hunting form.
Your Swamp correspondent, the son of a longtime hunter education instructor, grew up plying the corn rows and stream banks of rural Oregon with a Labrador retriever and a Mossberg 20-gauge pump shotgun. On our hunts for pheasant, grouse and quail, merely swinging a gun barrel in the general direction of another person was grounds for day-long banishment to the truck (which smelled like wet dog).

What’s with the rush to embrace this guy?
I mean, what does he have to do to get the attention of his apparently unquestioning supporters? Tap his foot in the wrong direction?
(No, I am in not implying anything about the man. It’s just that sex scandals seem to be the only thing that matter enough in modern Republican politics to register real levels of disgust. Probably has to do with the difference between “Ugh” and “Ick.”)