I’m glad to join Rick Moran’s blogburst for Fred Thompson, which Glenn Reynolds linked yesterday.
Analogizing to Washington’s perilous crossing, here’s what Rick said this morning:

To be brutally frank in appraising the situation realistically, Fred Thompson’s chances of winning the nomination are not good. I will not attempt to snow you, gentle readers, with the idea that the Thompson campaign is anything but a hope and a prayer at this point. But where there is a will to fight, so there is a will to win. It doesn’t matter how many pundits, pollsters, and assorted “experts” have written off Fred Thompson. What matters is that there is still a chance, still life in the campaign, and still a belief that the race can be won. Your support is absolutely crucial to propel the campaign forward, to build on the momentum generated by Thompson’s bus tour through Iowa by giving as much as you possibly can.

I’ve been partial to Fred Thompson’s candidacy since before he was running, and I’ve already made a modest donation. I plan to donate more, because he’s by far the best the GOP has to offer right now, and now is an especially important time. Because, if Huckabee gets it, we’ll see eight years of Hillary.
That last statement is of course a Machiavellian argument for Fred Thompson — intended for those who consider themselves in the ABC (Anyone But Clinton) category. But Fred Thompson is the most experienced candidate the GOP has, he goes way back, and I think he has integrity. Moreover, he dares to be a Federalist — someone who actually publicly supports the Constitution as it was written. As a strong constitutionalist who believes the Constitution has been disregarded for far too long, few things could appeal to me more. It’s music to my ears. Sure, the cynic in me could argue that he’s “just saying that” and “doesn’t really mean it,” but this is where his years of experience and political wisdom tend to kick in. Simply for being the only vocal federalist of the bunch, he deserves support.
Any readers who feel the same way, I hope you’ll join in the blogburst. I say this as someone who does not usually join things or participate in blogbursts.
I also remind readers that I do not have a tip jar. Instead, I occasionally ask people to donate to one worthy cause or another.
So please, any of you who aren’t into having Hillary as president and who like this blog, I hope you’ll consider clicking on this link and donating to Fred Thompson.
UPDATE: My thanks to M. Simon for helping out!