I try to be fair, and I like to think that I don’t suffer from regional bias.
However, I’m afraid that my Northern regional bias might have been exhibited in several posts in which I repeatedly compared Hillary Clinton to Lurleen Wallace.
I also compared both Hillary Clinton and Lurleen Wallace to Peronist wives…
For using Lurleen Wallace to criticize Hillary, I might owe Lurleen Wallace an apology. Whether I owe the Peronistas or their wives an apology is more complicated, as it depends on what moral standard should be used in judging Third World regimes — a topic beyond the scope of this post.
More properly, maybe I owe Glenn Reynolds’s mother an apology, for this is what she said:

“I remember Lurleen Wallace. I was a citizen in Wallace’s Alabama. And Hillary Clinton is NO Lurleen Wallace!”

OK, fair enough.
I never really studied Lurleen Wallace, although I’m sure that she and Hillary are politically dissimilar enough that the point is well taken. My focus was not on political similarities so much as on the circumvention of constitutional provisions. In the case of Lurleen Wallace it was the Alabama Constitution:

Wallace devised a plan in which his wife, Lurleen, would run for governor while he controlled the policies and procedures of the governorship in the background, duplicating the strategy in which Ma Ferguson won the 1925 election for governor in Texas.
Wallace’s attempt to change the succession rule before the 1966 campaign failed. However, using his wife as his electoral surrogate succeeded, and Mrs. Wallace won the Democratic nomination for governor in 1966. She was elected Governor of Alabama in November 1966, and was inaugurated in January 1967.

Of course, in Bill Clinton’s case, the roadblock is the United States Constitution. No reasonable person believes that Hillary would be a candidate for president but for the fact that she is the wife of Bill Clinton, and there is considerable agreement across the political spectrum that her candidacy represents an end-run around the 22nd Amendment.
Whether the voters care about the ethics is another matter, but I think it would be more honest to let them have a crack at dumping the 22nd Amendment and then simply being allowed to vote for Bill.
(I wish some GOP prankster would get Maria Shriver to run on Arnie’s behalf.)
Interestingly, Jane Fonda called Clinton “a ventriloquist for the patriarchy with a skirt and a vagina.” Ann Althouse correctly perceives some problems with Fonda’s comparison, but I’ll take it at it’s face value and add that actually, I do think Hillary could quite possibly be a ventriloquist, but only for that portion of the patriarchy with a skirt and a vagina.
Just don’t expect me to PhotoShop such gruesome details.