When I heard that Leeland Eisenberg, the man said to have taken hostages at the Clinton campaign “has a history,” I thought I’d turn to Google.
Sure enough a man with the name of Leeland Eisenberg was described in this legal memorandum of findings as an “inmate in the custody of the Massachusetts Department of Corrections.”
A man of the same name (but described in the pleading as “formerly known as Ralph E. Woodward”) filed a lawsuit against the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston alleging he was molested by a priest who had provided him with room and board when he was “approximately 21 years old, [and] was homeless and living in abandoned cars in a local junk yard in Ayer, Massachusetts.”
Whether he’s the same man and why he is doing what he is doing now, who knows?
MORE (06:16 p.m.): The man seems to have just been caught or he has surrendered; I just saw a picture of him lying down being handcuffed.
According to Editor and Publisher, he was very upset over his car being checked and then leafleted for having unlocked doors, as well as having his picture appear in the newspaper.
MORE: The case seems to have resolved with all hostages released and Eisenberg in custody.
The consensus of all the news reports is that he has a history of mental illness, which should surprise no one.
AND MORE (06:25 p.m.) It is now being reported by Fox News that the suspect’s name is “Troy Stanley,” which is confirmed here.
So “Leeland Eisenberg” may be an alias, and he is reported to have others.
AND MORE: Reading this collection of posts, it appears that the man has gone from “Troy Stanley” (which was discounted) before he was “Leeland Eisenberg” (which has now been discounted), and now (I think) it’s back to “Troy Stanley.”
Maybe it will be figured out eventually.
MORE: Michelle Malkin is also trying to follow the name saga, and seems to be leaning in favor of the Eisenberg theory.
AND MORE (06:39 p.m.): I know this will sound screwy, but CNN is reporting he’s Eisenberg, while Fox said he’s Stanley the last time I switched channels.
AND MORE (06:42 p.m.): Now Fox says he’s Eisenberg.
Hillary will be having a press conference in 20 minutes.
(No surprise there.)
And I have to run out so I’ll miss the rest of a story that is — or should be — over.
MORE (08:00 p.m.): My thanks to Michelle Malkin for the link.
The reports are now unanimous that the suspect has been identified as Leeland Eisenberg.
UPDATE: My thanks to Glenn Reynolds for linking this post and welcome all. I appreciate the comments.
Don’t miss Tom Maguire’s post which has links to more of Eisenberg’s previous problems — including a DUI and a history of stalking.
All the more reason we shouldn’t confuse Googling with stalking.
(Geez, I almost said “confuse Stoogling with galking.”)
MORE: Regarding Hillary Clinton’s orchestrated statement after the event, Ann Althouse’s post (linked by Tom Maguire and Glenn Reynolds) is a must-read:

I don’t want a President to roil into a mommyesque ball of emotion when a few people are in danger. Yet that’s not Hillary. The only question is why she thought a statement like that was a good one. She probably wanted to make sure not to confirm the widely held belief that she’s unemotional, and, while she was at it, delight all the ladies out there who lap up emotional drivel.

No one could have articulated it better.