Suppose you have a machine that depends for its proper operation on wooden pegs in wooden holes. Say that it has been traditional, if wooden pegs were not available, that brass pegs were an accepted substitute. Now suppose the government outlawed the use of brass pegs and decreed that if you didn’t have wooden pegs only gold pegs were acceptable. Would that be right?
What am I getting at? Brain chemistry.
The holes are receptors. The wooden pegs are the body’s naturally made receptor fillers. The brass pegs are substances you imbibe (in one way or another) to make up for a lack in the bodies’ natural chemistry. What would the gold pegs be? Dr. prescribed medicines.
Let us take the case of marijuana. Mice have been developed which do not naturally produce enough CB1 receptor fillers. They are genetically different. They have long term memories of fear situations. They live in fear and that fear is easily excited. Not a pleasant way to live. Modern medicine has developed substances that can relieve that constant fear. Doctors are allowed to prescribe such substances. However, marijuana can also fill those receptors and relieve constant fear and anxiety. We have made marijuana illegal even though there is no objective difference between the doctor prescribed medicine and marijuana (with respect to brain chemistry). Is that right?
This line of thought came to me in an e-mail discussion of Treatment Vs Recreation and Class War.
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