Last night, I stayed up till all hours writing my first ever Pajamas Media column.
I have to say, I didn’t expect sparks to fly in the Democratic presidential debate, but fly they did — with Obama and Edwards and Dodds really zeroing in, and Hillary looking every bit the waffling, finger-to-the-wind political hack that she is. In my view, her greatest “strength” is that many people would love to see her husband as president again. Last night, this wishful nostalgia just wasn’t cutting it. Nor were the numerous attacks on Bush. My fix was that she had a bad night — beginning with her lousy Halloween-style makeup, and ending with a disastrous waffle on the alien issue:

Hillary certainly did not win tonight’s debate. (I think Obama did, although Dodd’s articulate and solid performance was quite a surprise.) While I wouldn’t say Hillary is in trouble, tonight I saw a few small cracks beginning to appear in her facade of invulnerability. She lacks her husband’s legendary teflon, she lacks his common sense ability call a spade a spade, and she lacks his sense of humor.

There’s a lot more, plus video.
If this keeps up, the race will actually start to get interesting, and appear to be less of an inauguration.
And for comic value, nothing can beat Dennis Kucinich, who pops up and squeaked “IMPEACH BUSH” like a malevolent Jack in the Box at every opportunity, and finally stated on national television that he had seen a UFO. (If only they’d had some 1950s science fiction music at that point, the night would have been perfect.) It may sound surreal, but last night really was the Night of the Aliens. Hillary waffled on the “alien” issue, while Kucinich held firm as a true believer. (But if they can pilot flying saucers, maybe they are qualified to drive…. After all, last night was almost Halloween.)
So please go check out my post.
My thanks to Pajamas Media for allowing me what turned out to be an exciting opportunity.
UPDATE: Clinton feels the heat.
MORE: Former Clinton strategist Dick Morris thinks Hillary was finally “on display and visible to all”:

Hillary Clinton finally got too cute by half in her explanation of her convoluted position on giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. The American people saw her tying herself into a knot over the issue, trying to have it both ways.

AND MORE: My thanks to Glenn Reynolds for linking the Pajamas Media post!