The following photo is so good that I thought that rather than update yesterday’s post on “imageism,” I’d put it in a new category by itself.
It shows Desiree Farooz of Code Pink, having at it in her uniquely unhinged way.
Who finds these people anyway?
(And they said that Karl Rove retired!)
MORE: Check this out.
Desiree Does Disrupts the Heritage Foundation — and boy is she pissed!

I’m glad to see that at least someone is doing the heavy lifting for the Republicans.
AND MORE: Hillary Clinton seems to do a better job than the Republicans of keeping Desiree at a desirable distance.
In the following video, Desiree tries (and fails) to disrupt Hillary Clinton. If you watch it, you’ll notice that they never let her get close to the action.

PLEASE NOTE: To see the attempted disruption of Hillary’s speech you need to watch through to the end of the video, as I can’t edit out the clip.
However, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by the first part of the video. (Especially those who enjoy gender confusion.)
MORE: More on Desiree Farooz. She’s from Texas, where she “quit her teaching job in Grand Prairie and left her family behind in Arlington to become den mother to the women of Code Pink.”
UPDATE: From Glenn Reynolds, a good question:

….would anti-abortion protesters in “Operation Rescue” t-shirts be allowed up-close to wave bloody hands at Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Somehow, I doubt it.

I doubt it too (although I think Condi Rice would do — and does — a better job of not being intimidated by the fringe than Ruth Bader Ginsburg.) It’s not as if this Desiree Farooz isn’t well known. As to “Code Pink,” they’re so notorious and ubiquitous that the White House complained that “Congress is run by Code Pink.”
UPDATE: It seems there may be some problems with the embedded links above.
Just in case they don’t work for you, here’s the Heritage heckling link.
And the Hillary heckling link.