Too Much Liberty

Thomas Jefferson: “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.” Camille Paglia: “Leaving sex to the feminists is like letting your dog vacation at the taxidermist.” Camille Paglia: “The only thing that will be remembered about my enemies after they’re dead […]

Language tools

The symbolic meaning of owning a gun is to reclaim political power, demonize minorities, distort the issue of crime in America, express contempt for women gaining access to power, and distract Americans from the real issues of democracy. So says BuzzFlash in a review of a book I think I’d prefer not to read. It’s […]

The Elements

The Elements. A song by Tom Lehrer. Cross Posted at Power and Control and at The Astute Bloggers

Bought And Paid For

I have been wondering for a long time why the Black Community supports the drug war, which is doing so much damage to that community. My old friend Cliff Thornton provides an answer. Cliff comes at politics from a Green point of view, but he is spot on about this one. Racism, classism, and the […]

Does it take a “real man” to change a tire? (Puh-leez!)

Far be it from me to complain in any way about a “lack of manhood” in anyone. Despite the fact that I managed to summon the balls to criticize GQ magazine in the last post, I don’t generally believe in such concepts (at least, not in having them defined for me). So, while this isn’t […]

Don’t be a wuss over Clinton’s puss!

Reading about GQ magazine’s cowardly behavior in spiking a story about the Clinton campaign made me want to cancel my subscription. First rule of Today’s GQ Man: Be a wuss! Josh Green is an excellent magazine writer, so his piece on Hillary campaign infighting is unlikely to have been killed by GQ magazine because it […]

gays, haircuts, nooses. some denial required.

All of the hysteria over Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speaking at Columbia University is so tiresome for so many reasons…. So says Glenn Greenwald, who despite the topic, can’t seem to find the space to utter a single word about the savage executions of gays in Iran (much less their overall plight.) Notwithstanding my penchant for “gallows […]

my preference is your choice!

Via Tim Worstall, I see that Amanda Marcotte has gone from calling me a sociopath to merely misunderstanding me. I guess that’s progress, although she certainly does a great job with the latter: …the real world debate over women’s sexual freedom doesn’t even enter into Eric’s radar. He mainly doesn’t get why anyone on the […]

competitive victimology

I’m often at a loss to understand the constantly evolving nature of moral claims, much as I try. Yesterday, I touched on whether animals are more innocent than people (such “innocence” is not a new issue in this blog, the contradictions are profound ones). In a great comment to my last “Right to Dry” post, […]

morality shifts, but is it rational?

In a post discussing the changing standards of morality, Clayton Cramer points out (correctly) that crimes against dogs are taken more seriously than crimes involving sexual solicitation: If only Michael Vick had solicited sex in a men’s room, instead of organizing dogfights! It says quite a bit about how rapidly the definition of “immoral” has […]

Jena – Searching For Facts

My search for facts was prompted by this post by my friend Eric at Classical Values. I have found a few. First off let me say that of all the main stream reporters so far Jason Whitlock has actually done his homework. Now we love Mychal Bell, the star of the 2006 Jena (La.) High […]

Michael Totten On The Anbar Awakening

Michael Totten visited Ramadi in Anbar and reports. “It was nothing we did,” said Marine Lieutenant Colonel Drew Crane who was visiting for the day from Fallujah. “The people here just couldn’t take it anymore.” What he said next surprised me even more than what I was seeing. “You know what I like most about […]

Coco and the little green donut ball

The activities I am about to describe may seem repetitive and illogical to some. But I hope it will be borne in mind that Coco is a dog, and it really isn’t fair to hold her to the standards of most of the people who read this blog. Coco has an absolutely infuriating toy, which […]

Support for the Second Amendment? In Philadelphia?

This week’s Philadelphia City Paper (a leftish alternative weekly) has an editorial about guns. Yes, I know what you’re already thinking. (“Here goes Eric with another lengthy diatribe about the complete stranglehold that the anti-gun mentality holds on all of Philadelphia’s newspapers.”) If you’re thinking along such lines, you can stop right there! Because this […]

Fred Hochberg and Norman Hsu – Joined At Birth?

Gateway Pundit has an explosive bit of news on the Hsu scandal. Ever since Hsu became a major fundraiser, there have been notable similarities between his and Hochberg/Lillian Vernon’s contributions that strain the limits of coincidence. Not only is there significant overlap among several far-flung candidates who wouldn’t typically be of much interest to New […]

Moral issues and economic solutions

Yesterday I had a bit of fun at the expense of the “Right to Dry” movement, mainly because I dislike the manufacture of new morality, and I worry that the invocation of morality leads to a slippery slope. People who want to do something because they believe it is their moral duty to do it […]

From taboo topic to treatable illness, in my lifetime

Via Sean Kinsell, I am very sorry to read that Virginia Postrel has breast cancer, and starts chemotherapy next Friday. Fortunately, her prognosis is “good, thanks largely to the monoclonal antibody drug Herceptin.” (More about the mechanism here.) My mom had breast cancer when I was in early adolescence, and in those days, treatment pretty […]


Over at Climate Audit they are discussing “Miscalculation, poor study design or self-serving data analysis”. Let me relate this to my current field of study – Nuclear Fusion. The big money is going into projects like ITER (the US is spending something like $200 to $400 mil a year on this project). All the scientists […]

Ropes, journalists, terrorist DNA…
And Random Justice for all!

When I started writing this post yesterday, progressive bloggers were being scolded for not paying enough attention to a case known as the Jena 6. Considering that the case occupies much of the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer (rallies were held in Philadelphia yesterday), I’m sure there’s no longer any need to scold progressive […]


A lot of people are furious about the Ahmadinejad visit, as am I. The idea that he would even be allowed near Ground Zero is appalling, and I completely agree with Senator McCain that his visit there would be a desecration of sacred ground, and he should be physically blocked, if necessary. This man is […]