I don’t know, but this morning’s cartoon (from the editorial page of the Inquirer, but once again, not from the web site!) gave me a chuckle:
Tough to tell whether they’re just taking advantage of a handy opportunity to ridicule both men at the same time, or whether there’s a larger comparison. If it’s the latter, I’m reminded of something I’ve been saying for at least a year:

Whenever two apparent adversaries agree with each other, it worries me. Right now, I see agreement along the following lines:

RESOLVED: Gays do not belong in the Republican Party.

By “apparent adversaries,” I do not mean Iran and the GOP, of course, but the activist netroots on the left and the anti-gay “sex war” faction of the GOP.
Of course, the idea may just be to compare Ahmadinejad and Craig, and not Iran and the GOP. Either way, I think it’s a bit of a stretch….
Speaking of Iran, last night I watched an early 90s film which I do not believe could be made today — “Not Without My Daughter,” starring Sally Fields as an American woman tricked into moving to Khomeini’s Iran with her disguntled, deceitful — and ultimately physically abusive — Iranian husband, who will not allow his wife and their American daughter to return to the U.S. She finds herself helpless and literally a prisoner of her husband’s hostile and paranoid family, and finally risks her life to venture a hazardous escape through dangerous countryside. Her complaints about the forced veiling, the religious brainwashing inflicted on her daughter, the backward and primitive Iranian theocracy and its brutally sexist religion would probably not be presented sympathetically in a major Hollywood film today.
After all, today’s Iranian rulers, well yes, they’re a little backward….
But aren’t they really just misunderstood and comic, along the lines of Larry Craig?
UPDATE: I found the cartoon at artist Rob Rogers’ web site.