Carrying the closet too far

WARNING: Blunt post follows. Sorry, but the Craig situation is getting a bit ridiculous. Larry Craig, it seems, is a sitting duck. Word from the Washington rumor mill is that he’s an inch or so away from resigning. Not that it matters whether he actually broke any laws. What matters is not what he did […]

Yes, life is unfair. (It’s why I blog…..)

Most people who suffer from schizophrenia smoke. A lot. This is one of those stereotypes that not only happens to be true, but there’s a special reason why schizophrenics smoke: Cigarette smoking may improve attention and short-term memory in persons with schizophrenia by stimulating nicotine receptors in the brain, according to a study by Yale […]

If you think government is fair, go to the grocery store and buy me a six-pack!

Well, at issue before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is the right to buy a six-pack. More properly, the right to sell six-packs to the public. Pennsylvania has a medieval liquor control system under which beer is supposed to be bought by the case at so-called “beer distributors.” (Or at bars and places which offer sit-down […]

House #2

Who does House #2 belong to? House #2 Designed by an architecture professor at a leading national university. This house incorporates every “green” feature current home construction can provide. The house is 4,000 square feet ( 4 bedrooms ) and is nestled on a high prairie in the American southwest. A central closet in the […]

visualizing whorled gays

As if we needed any further proof that left-wing gay activists hate gay privacy, a friend just sent me a link to a story about the gay whorled, and the gay indexed. Activists are desperate to discover some sort of identifying feature which they can use to confirm their rather ridiculous notion that all gays […]

Murtha Sued

It seems that at least two Marines are planning on suing John “I Was A Marine” Murtha over his public comments on the Haditha Incident once they are fully exonerated. From the first link: Well, the Marine Corps investigator has now dropped all charges against 3 of the 8 accused Marines in the case, and […]

Repetitively Redebunking the repetitively recycled

Is there some kind of statute of limitations on news stories? Any rule about how old they have to be? Recently, a story has been circulating about a man named “Mark Voegel” in Dortmund, Germany, who was supposedly bitten by a pet Black Widow spider named “Bettina,” following which his body was reported to have […]

“My name is Hsu! How do you do!”

By now almost everyone has seen the little Paw house on the left. It’s the little house on the flight path. DALY CITY, Calif. — One of the biggest sources of political donations to Hillary Rodham Clinton is a tiny, lime-green bungalow that lies under the flight path from San Francisco International Airport. Six members […]

Flat Earth Climate

I was visiting The Reference Frame where Lubos was talking about the changes required to become 100% carbon free by 2030 and came across this gem: All industry and traffic will have to be converted to a new kind of energy that either doesn’t exist today or looks economically or socially unacceptable. Agriculture, transportation, and […]

Peak Oil?

Oooops. That one is for the peak oil folks. It looks like all that has peaked is the easy to get oil. Evidently there is an abundance with current technology and prices. We’re flying over the Gulf of Mexico, above some 3,500 oil production platforms, and Siegele is pointing them out with the verve of […]

restigmatizing homosexuality perpetuates an old racket

Rand Simberg has a post Glenn Reynolds linked earlier, which is so good that I don’t think it belongs in an update to either of the posts I’ve written about Senator Larry Craig; hence this post. Commenting on the now-routine charge that Larry Craig is guilty of “hypocrisy” for being against gay marriage, Simberg asks […]


Another typical example of how I thought I’d come up with an original meme, only to Google-discover how utterly unoriginal I am. However, if the Moon God theory is correct, the god of the Old Testament is not the same god as the god of the Koran. Maybe I should have said “ALLAH HATES GOD”? […]

Live blogging imaginary foot crimes

Michael Vick can heave a big sigh of relief! This morning he’s been bumped off the front page by Larry Craig, apparently because the country is more worried about restroom foot-tapping than professional athletes who torture unwilling dogfight combatants to death. But as I mulled over what might have motivated Craig to plead guilty, it […]

Idolatry leads to voodoo economics

A WorldNetDaily columnist named Janet Folger has a rather peculiar view of history, and cites a rather peculiar source to back it up. Asserting that America is dedicated to God, she contrasts this country with Haiti, which, claims Folger, is “dedicated to Satan”: Why has God blessed us so richly? Get a glimpse into Western […]

Public foot tapping at the public trough?

Noting the reaction of a gay activist group to the arrest of Idaho senator Larry Craig, Clayton Cramer criticizes this statement from the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force: “There is sad irony that a United States senator from Idaho has been caught up in the same kind of thing that destroyed the lives of […]

“Forgive me for what I do not admit!”

Among other things, being a con artist means saying whatever your mark wants to hear. Michael Vick has shown himself to be a true con artist by the manner in which he claimed that he is sorry — for dogfighting only. “I made a mistake of using bad judgment and making bad decisions. Those things […]

Non-coincidental, six-free, sex-free, evil-free birthday greetings!

Happy Birthday Glenn Reynolds! (So much for the the serious part.) I never know how I am supposed to celebrate the birthday of someone like the the blogfather. In 2004 I put on an evil shirt and crossed swords. Then in 2005 I quoted the well wishes from famous people. In 2006. Hmmm…. I didn’t […]

Gay marriage! For homonormative transsexuals only!

A California group called Vote Yes Marriage is circulating a ballot petition which purports to eliminate the possibility of same sex marriage. What intrigues me is the way it defines man and woman: Only marriage between one man and one woman is valid or recognized in California, whether contracted in this state or elsewhere. A […]

Boycott Olympic blogging and fight Chinese censors

From Roger L. Simon, here’s a relatively painless pledge: From this moment on, I will not write about the Beijing Olympics unless the subject at hand is censorship and repression in China. And – unless the Chinese government changes its policies – when the Olympics do come, I will not blog about them at all. […]

“Alms for Jihad” update

Not long ago, I proposed pirating the Saudi-censored book “Alms for Jihad,” and a very helpful comment discussion ensued. I’ve now learned that the authors are hoping to republish the book in the United States: These sorts of measures [locking up the copies in libraries’ rare book collections] may eventually be less necessary, because the […]