“Conservatives for Hillary”?

This post by Ann Althouse woke me up to the new reality (and a series of posts by Andrew Sullivan supposedly document this new phenomenon.) Did I really need another reason why I’m not a conservative?

Bambi activates Lyme

A Yahoo News item I saw earlier focuses on the growing problem of deer-related traffic accidents: ….there are 1.5 million deer-related traffic accidents in the U.S. each year, resulting in $1.1 billion in vehicle damages. State Farm Insurance Co., the nation’s largest car insurer, began tracking deer-crash data in 2002 and also estimates 1.5 million […]

Seeing beyond sex?

If you’re tired of the endless campaign, relax. Howard Kurtz (link via Pajamas Media) thinks that the longer it drags on, the more it will help Hillary Clinton: The endless campaign, in my view, could wind up helping Hillary Clinton. Put aside all the other questions about her record, her divisive image, Bill’s role, the […]

Station Of Record

Climate Audit alerted me to the the Detroit Lakes, MN USHCN climate station of record. Click on the picture to find out more about the surface station audit and to join in or the Climate Audit Link above to get a graph of the station’s record. It ain’t pretty. Cross Posted at The Astute Bloggers

Getting Tuned Up

I was reading this article about the revival of the Wankel engine for use in aircraft. However, this is not just any Wankel. It can burn kerosene. There’s nothing wrong in sticking with what works but those motors require 70 to 80 moving parts and still use 100-octane low-leaded (100 LL) fuel that has long […]

Imagining fallen neoclassical Victorians

I’m not quite sure how to respond to this, but because a section links this blog in general terms I thought it deserved a fairly serious link: Has a civilization ever gone from business casual to morning coats? Not without being rebuilt from the ground up in ways too painful to contemplate. We’re so far […]

Nifong Apologizes

I just saw a news report that Mike Nifong has apologized: DURHAM, N.C. – Disgraced former prosecutor Mike Nifong acknowledged Thursday there is “no credible evidence” that three Duke lacrosse players committed any of the crimes he accused them of more than a year ago, offering for the first time a complete and unqualified apology. […]

Attention gun nuts!

I write about Second Amendment issues a lot (especially when I feel inundated by and overdosed on Philadelphia anti-gun bias), but I’m not what you’d call a gunblogger. However, this seems like a good time to remind readers who come here that my blogfather — the guy who originally gave me my start in the […]

Thank you, Cam & Company, and NRA News!

Today I attended the American Legislative Exchange Council (A.L.E.C.) conference in Philadelphia, where I visited the gang at NRA News. Much to my surprise and delight, host Cam Edwards put me on the air on his Cam & Company Show, and I talked about blogging, and Second Amendment issues. I’ve long been convinced that I […]

Fusion – False Alarm

It turns out California To Fund Bussard Fusion is a false alarm: Here is Joe Strout’s comment at Wed Jul 25, 2007 5:09 pm at Talk Polywell. UPDATE: I got a call back from Bill Maile in the Governor’s office. He spoke with the Governor’s policy advisors, and in brief, the story is false. This […]

Felonious violation of existing gun laws being spun as “road rage” and “genocide”

There’s huge front page story in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, with the issue of the shooter’s race suddenly becoming relevant: Nearly a dozen police officers could be seen posted outside the church as mourners arrived, more than funeral home staff remembered seeing at previous funerals resulting from homicides. The Police Department did not return a call […]

Hillary Clinton is not Eva Phillips.
(And Eva Phillips is not Hillary Clinton.)

Despite my best attempts to utilize the Ellis approach to tackle unwanted thoughts, the latter sometimes have a way of surfacing and resurfacing (no matter how many times I might try repaving and regrading). The other night I saw “Queen Bee” — a 1955 film starring Joan Crawford as Eva Phillips, grande dame from Hell. […]

Albert Ellis, 1913-2007

I’m sorry to see that the great Albert Ellis has died: NEW YORK – He came to psychology almost by happenstance, after friends began turning to him for guidance. But Albert Ellis would become one of the most important figures in modern psychology, once ranked by his peers as more influential than Sigmund Freud. Ellis, […]

California To Fund Bussard Fusion

Wonderful News!!!! Governor Schwarzenegger of California is planning to fund Dr Bussards IEC Fusion project. In a move sure to impress environmentalists and further cement his Earth friendly image, Governor Schwarzenegger is set to launch a multimillion dollar research effort into a revolutionary new source of clean non-polluting power. The project is focused on the […]

Watching the debate would not have helped my mental health

I have been trying to avoid the election as much as possible, and while I was doing other things, it’s probably just as well that I spared myself the agony of watching the Democratic debate last night. Seriously, why should I watch? Did I have any duty? I’m no good at “live blogging” things, so […]

Catching up with the tagged

With apologies to all concerned for my tagging them, I thought I’d return to the scene of the crime and let readers know that so far, at least four of bloggers I tagged have responded! While Alan Kellogg had been tagged before, he did reply in a comment that he’ll soon have teeth, and opined […]

The timing of the volume

Has Wonkette become a sort of unofficial anti-Giuliani headquarters of the leftosphere? Just take a look at some of the titles of some of their recent posts: * Boy-Molesting Priest Also Giuliani Consultant * GOP Update: Forgotten Soft-Porn Actress Endorses Divorced Abortionist Fascist * Rudy Reveals Secret War! * Costumed Fascists: Rudy Giuliani Finds His […]

Skullduggery in Southern California?

When I woke up this morning, I was all set to write a long-winded philosophical post about what I think the Democrats would do if given unbridled power when I saw M. Simon’s post asking questions about anti-Semitism at Wonkette. Regardless of whether anyone at Wonkette actually is anti-Semitic (something I have no way of […]

Be Careful Out There

I was reading Althouse about the latest Dem debates and got reminded of some of my favorite music by Ann. For those who want to see some concert footage of the Doors and Morrison’s ironic comments about American Democracy the third video (right most) is it. The middle one in my opinion is musically better. […]

Wonkette Threatens To Sue

Wonkette is threatening legal action against My Right Word for asking is “Wonkette Antisemitic?” If I understand you and Wonkette correctly, you thought it was cute/clever or whatever, to borrow a term, “Jew–liani”, from that clip and, without any comment about its specific ethnic frame of reference, slap it up on a new post the […]