Instapundit has brought up a topic near and dear to my heart. Nerds. He gives a few links.
I clicked on this one and got Tom Maguire’s view on the subject. Very nice. There was a long discussion in the comments about gangsta culture and its aversion to numbers and all things technical (white).
Some one in the comments was trying to define humanus nerdus and came up with a list which included the following:
unusual conversation skills/topics
There is nothing unusual about wanting to talk about neutron scattering cross sections vs absorption cross sections. Or heat transfer and fluid flow.
Well, I was a Nuclear Reactor Operator in the Navy. About as geeky as you can get and still be a member of the fighting forces. Lotsa numbaz. LOL.
BTW I had some trouble with dating until I put on a Navy uniform. That is when I went from rags to riches. Even better was looking like a hippie (after I got out of the service), ah the 60s.
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