I have a friend who reports on the defense industry. Nice Jewish boy.
He says via e-mail that it is no use wasting your time trying to convince idiots of the obvious (morally it is sound though).
He says a big war is coming. BIG war. Like Pearl Harbor it will unite us. He says it is a waste of time trying to talk to the idiots. He used to blog a lot on the subject. Now he doesn’t bother. He says events are the best convincers. Why does it feel like October 1939 all over again? The period of the “Phony War”.
Which reminded me of this piece by Herbert E. Meyer at the American Thinker.

For better or worse, it’s part of the American character to wait until the last possible moment – even to wait a bit beyond the last possible moment – before kicking into high gear and getting the job done. It’s in our genes; just think of how many times you’ve ground enamel off your teeth watching your own kid waste an entire weekend, only to start writing a book report at 10:30 Sunday night that, when you find it on the breakfast table Monday morning is by some miracle a minor masterpiece.
However horrific it may be, the knockout punch won’t knock us out. Instead, it will shift us from playing defense back to offense – and this time we won’t hold back. The president will ask Congress for a declaration of war and he, or she, will get it. We’ll bring back the draft, send our troops into battle without one hand tied behind their backs by lawyers, and we won’t waste time and energy pussyfooting with the United Nations. And if we’ve closed GITMO by this time – we’ll reopen it and even double its size because we’re going to pack it. All of this will take longer to organize, and cost more, than if we’d done it right in the aftermath of 9-11. That’s unfortunate, but that’s the way we Americans tend to do things. And when we do finally start fighting for real — we’ll win.

That would be my assessment as well. In my opinion once Bush took on Iraq and then won the 2004 election the die was cast. What ever political winds were blowing after that the die was cast.
H/T Reliapundit who got me to thinking about this subject with his reports of recent terror alerts.
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