In a very thoughtful Pajamas Media piece, Rick Moran looks at the desire of many Americans for a “return to normalcy” (meaning a return to pre-9/11 world):

Torn as they are between the desire for a different kind of politics that Obama is offering and the sure handedness that Hillary Clinton is trying to sell, the Democrats (and the nation at large) seem to prefer the familiar and experienced candidate. But might there be something else at work on the voters’ minds? Could it be that the change they yearn for is a desire to go back–back to 9/10/2001 when the outside world rarely intruded on our somnolence and where the big debates in Congress were over education and prescription drugs?
Back in 2004, Mickey Kaus wondered if we hadn’t experienced “too much history” in the 3 plus years since 9/11. Peggy Noonan echoed those thoughts, asking if what the American people wanted was a Harding-like “Return to Normalcy.”
While the Republican candidates all seem eager to continue making history in the War on Terror, the American people may want to take a break from the harsh realities and hard future offered up by the GOP and choose instead a more settled hand on the tiller.

(Via Glenn Reynolds.)
If there are harsh realities (and I think there are), then they are not imaginary realities. This is why I have criticized the people who think that once you get tired of a war, voting it out of existence is as easy as changing the channel on a TV remote.
Of course, the people who do this will naturally vote for Hillary, because she’s marketing herself as Clinton nostalgia. Vote for your old favorite Peace and Prosperity Channel, and we’ll bring back the program of your choice!
This might even appeal to Republicans who suffer from short memories or wishful thinking. But I can’t help notice the way Barack Obama keeps forcing Republicans to defend Hillary. Must be handy for Hillary to have someone like that to run against.
If I were Hillary and I didn’t have him, I’d invent him.