The Demolished Car

Take a close look at the photo at the left from Little Green Footballs and see if you can detect anything unusual?
First check out the rubber boots on the steering gear. They are intact with no obvious signs of fire. Second look at the dust on the tires. It looks like the car was dragged into place, rather than moving like a regular car which would have cleared the dust from the wheels. Or had the road been really dusty it would have covered the whole wheel and not just covered a portion of the wheel and left a portion untouched.
Supposedly this car was rocketed and burned.
So far it is just suspicion. Comments welcome.

Little Richard

And just for amusement here is a picture of Little Richard. Looks a lot like one of the guys in the photo. I wonder if the guy in the photo is an old time American Rock ‘n Roll fan? Tuti Fruity, nice booty!

H/T linearthinker of Random Traverse who alerted me to the possible fraud and also provided the Little Richard photo.