Rachel Lucas is back!

No really! I just found out from Ann Althouse (who linked Rachel’s Online Guide to Dating), although I should have known from reading Bill Whittle’s wonderful “Remnants” posts which Glenn Reynolds linked yesterday. I had mindlessly assumed that when Whittle put the Lucas link there that he was just being cute, and I’m so used […]

Doing nothing beats doing something awful

Regular readers know that I am not especially enamored of Newt Gingrich. However, I have to say that I agree with a lot of what he said here (via Glenn Reynolds) about the immigration bill they’re trying to put through Congress. Excerpt: In 1986, I voted for the Simpson-Mazzoli immigration bill. We were promised that […]

Questioning the timing of reality

A local news item serves as a reminder that despite the prevailing meme of an “anything goes” culture, the legal system increasingly reflects a growing tendency to treat garden variety immorality as rape. Moralists who like to complain about defining deviancy down are generally silent about the expansion of rape to include the type of […]

Bio Fuels – Starve The Poor So The Rich Can Feel Good

Bio Fuels may be good for corn growers, but they are bad for corn eaters. Policymakers and legislators often fail to consider the law of unintended consequences. The latest example is their attempt to reduce the United States’ dependence on imported oil by shifting a big share of the nation’s largest crop – corn – […]

It Is Uncertain

Space.com has an interesting report on the variability of the solar constant (them scientists are really good with the non-sequiturs). In what could be the simplest explanation for one component of global warming, a new study shows the Sun’s radiation has increased by .05 percent per decade since the late 1970s. The increase would only […]

the relative objectivity of science and religion

As I tried to make clear in a previous posts, I don’t think either religion or science are dispositive over political matters. I am free to take into account, ignore, or dismiss whatever argument I want — whether based on reason, religion, or science — as largely irrelevant to political concerns about freedom and the […]

Faking out the anti-fake movement

I’ve been a little busy today, but thanks to an email I just learned that candy cigarettes are still for sale. And it’s (gasp!) legal! While various legislatures (including the U.S. Congress) have been trying to ban the sale of them for years, in the United States they can still be purchased. (Notice that they […]

Al Be Doh!

Terrible pun. About what you ask? Al Gore and the Climate Menace. It is my way of saying – Al is not too smart, but saying it in a way that segues into the topic at hand. Which is: what is the maximum possible temperature of the earth and are we near it? Which is […]

Divisive argument?

What is a “radical secularist”? I’m not sure, but I should probably thank Newt Gingrich for letting me know that I am not one (even though I would have assumed he’d have thought I was): “In hostility to American history, the radical secularists insist that religious belief is inherently divisive and that public debate can […]

Vast shameful coverup unearthed!

Funny thing that I just mentioned George Washington’s famous slave Hercules in a recent post, because his fame just grows and grows. Unfortunately (because of past historical coverups) many Americans still fail to understand the pivotal role played by Hercules in the American founding. But the good news is that a taxpayer-financed reeducation campaign is […]

Relabeling and regurgitating Wolcott’s stew

It’s Saturday mornning and I really shouldn’t be blogging, as I have a lot of stuff I’m supposed to be doing. (Trust me, you don’t want to hear about my “stuff.”) But this trying not to blog when I’m not supposed to be blogging is awfully difficult, and it’s a little bit like Al Pacino […]

Shaky base to build on

I don’t like illegal immigration, and for a long time now, I have believed that the border should be closed, that a fence should be put up, and that no amnesty should be granted to illegal border crossers. I’ve even argued that uncontrolled immigration might have been a contributory factor in the Fall of Rome. […]

If you think our candidates suck…

And if you think only American candidates make promises they can’t deliver…. Then by all means read Barcepundit’s post about a candidate in Belgium! (Without giving away her platform, I think she may have taken Glenn Reynolds a bit too literally.)


In a somewhat tongue-in-cheek post, M. Simon noted earlier that he and Glenn Reynolds are both guilty of tabloid journalism. I don’t know whether to take issue with Glenn Reynolds’s coverage of the Christian/Newsom murder case or to plead guilty to tabloid overage myself, but here’s what M. Simon said: Glenn Reynolds seems to like […]

Peace, And I Mean That Most Sincerely

It seems that the City of Berkeley in California is all up in arms about the video to the left. What is so hateful about the video? Easy. It seems to tell the truth about some believers in Islam. A British stand-up has been accused of spreading ‘racist hate speech’ in California. Pat Condell has […]

Reynolds Likes Murders, I Like Sex

Glenn Reynolds seems to like to do tabloid bits (who doesn’t?) and today he is featuring the CHANNON CHRISTIAN / CHRISTOPHER NEWSOME KILLING, a particularly gruesome job, with black criminals and white victims. BTW note how important it must be to be ALL CAPS. Well at least he didn’t go the extra step and BOLD […]

Forgotten revolutionary

Going through some Mother’s Day pictures I took at my mom’s cemetery, one seemed to merit additional attention. (While it didn’t seem eye-catching enough for my Mother’s Day post, I didn’t want to forget about it.) If you can get past the poor quality and the shadows, the inscription reads as follows: In Memory of […]

“There’s nothing that this man doesn’t do!”

Speaking of all things Spanish and Dangerous, I don’t share YouTube videos every day, but this one was just too good to ignore. Regular readers know that Salvador Dali is my favorite artist, but even though I’ve read a couple of biographies I’d never known that he had appeared on the 1950s TV show “What’s […]

“Like All Things Spanish, It Is Dangerous”

“Here it is”

Me? I’m Just A Liberal Arts Major

From an interview at Ccnet… Benny Peiser: In a Winter Commencement Address at the University of Michigan two years ago you called yourself a heretic on global warming, the most notorious dogma of modern science. You have described global warming anxiety as grossly exaggerated and have openly voiced your doubts about the reliability of climate […]