This legislation will be the equivalent of turning off the spigot on a leaky pipe. If you’ve got water leaking into your basement, you can bail all you want, you can get buckets and friends with buckets, but until you turn off the pipe, you’re going to continue having water leaking into the basement.
Lloyd Levine, author of AB 1634

While this is my fifth post touching on AB 1634, the reason for this one is that I just realized that California Assemblyman Lloyd Levine (the author of an unconstitutional bill which would harm the poor and increase rabies) is the legislator I complained about previously for attempting to ban pet cloning in California.
Not only that, he’s the same guy who wants to make incandescent lightbulbs illegal. And as Kim du Toit’s forum noted, Levine also wants to make it a crime if you don’t report a lost or stolen firearm within 48 hours.
Now, while (as I have said many times) I refuse to cut out Coco’s ovaries, it just so happens that I don’t want to clone her. And it just so happens that like Glenn Reynolds and Bill Quick, (as well as many PJM bloggers) I use CFLs. Furthermore, if I found out that one of my guns had been stolen, I’d call the cops and report it immediately, law or no law. But these are all personal decisions.
What I cannot understand is this mentality of making other people into criminals simply because they don’t do something you think is desirable.
With Lloyd Levine, it seems to be a pattern.
While I’m tempted to agree with Bill Quick’s characterization of Levine (a mild one compared to some of those used by BlueDogState), I’m into this wimpy politeness thing and I believe in being civil whenever possible. (Yeah, I also worry about the net nannies blocking this blog.)
So I’ll just say that Lloyd Levine is a delusional plumber who has confused freedom with a leaky pipe. I don’t know why he imagines it’s his job to shut off freedom, but I wish California voters would stop paying him to do it.
(Hey I’m just trying to be polite, so I tried to stick with the analogy he provided.)