My mother is Jewish. As I am.
She grew up in the 20s and 30s. She knew about Roosevelt’s abandoning the Jews. She is a staunch believer in “never again”.
And yet when I say that we can’t abandon the Iraqi people to the head choppers all I get back is “I hate George Bush” and “America has no interest in Iraq”.
Prompted by FlickMaven‘s discussion of Nazi evil.

While I don’t quibble with the term, I think that many people miss the point when trying to apply the historical significance of the German “Final Solution” to our contemporary lives.
The point here is not that “monsters” perpetrated these acts. The point is that regular, everyday Germans did so, while going about their regular everyday business.

And so it is with the fate of the Iraqi democrats. The people who would abandon them are just ordinary. It is not like they want to see Iraqi democrats dead. It is more like indifference. Which is almost always the face of evil.
Me? I Support Democracy In Iraq.
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