A daily WorldNetDaily reader I am most definitely not. But when the coffee still hasn’t yet corrected my sleep-deficit disorder and I see a headline that begins with “Nuke bomb hidden inside Hillary,” I just have to read on.
As it turns out, it’s a South Park episode. The bomb is called a “snuke.”
Here’s the video:

In its review, The Hillary Project asks,

We can’t help but wonder how the woman with an absolute void for humor is soaking in the attention.

More serious review here.
And, lo and behold, there’s already a Wikipedia entry on “The Snuke.”
I’d love to hear Dinesh D’Souza weigh in on “The Snuke,” because it represents a synthesis of two of his primary memes:

What angers religious Muslims is not the American Constitution but the scandalous sexual mores they see on American movies and television,” [D’souza] writes. “What disgusts them are not free elections but the sights of hundreds of homosexuals kissing each other and taking marriage vows. The person that horrifies them the most is not [free market philosopher] John Locke but Hillary Clinton.

Yes, but after watching this episode, the dirty nuke lovers might very well change their minds.