I don’t know exactly what to make of the Palestinian woman who strapped on three live crocodiles (via Pajamas Media) and tried to smuggle them into the Gaza from Egypt. (No, I don’t mean she got the crocodiles from Pajamas Media! That’s where I got the link.)
I’m troubled, though, because I think this woman is getting a bad press. Almost in kneejerk fashion, people are acting as if she’s some kind of weirdo.
What — do they want her to strap something more normal to her body, like explosives?
Me, I like crocodiles, and even though I don’t support breaking the law by smuggling, I find it relieving to see such wholesome behavior for a change.
I just thought I should speak up for her and all other croc lovers.
Including, it should be noted, Barack Obama:

Obama took few kids to his home, just members of an inner circle who were trusted to see his secret pets: crocodiles that lived in a concrete tub, about a foot-and-a-half deep and a yard long, surrounded by chicken wire. The biggest croc was almost as long as its home, recalled Adi.
Obama’s stepfather “was breeding crocodiles in his house,” he added. “Not many people knew about it. He only had one big crocodile, but they had many smaller ones.”

It’s almost enough to make me vote for him, but I just can’t stomach his position on guns.
Sheesh. You’d think as a crocodile lover he’d learn to be more liberal.