Objective Entertainment?

Yesterday, I inadvertently touched on one of my own raw nerves when I said this about blogging: ….no one pays me to do this, right? And if they did pay me to do it, I would quit, right? My oh-so-sacrosanct artistic integrity would be compromised if I took money, unless there were truly no strings […]


Since I have a post up on cognitive ability and how it seems fixed, I thought it would be a good idea to post this bit of advice. There is now considerable evidence that breast-fed children have higher intelligence. For a long time it was impossible to be certain this was not merely because the […]

Tolerance for blasphemy?

There is an absolutely fascinating religious debate going on in this comment thread, prompted by Titanic Director James Cameron’s claim that the body of Jesus Christ has been found and identified: It took 20 years for experts to decipher the names on the ten tombs. They were: Jesua, son of Joseph, Mary, Mary, Mathew, Jofa […]

Innocently feral

OK, now that my feelings are out of the way (at least under control for the time being), I can get back to the business of the post at hand. Or would that be the business at hand of the post? I had been meaning to write about feral children, because earlier this week Dr. […]

How not to write a blog post

I hate it when I have nothing to write about. What’s even worse is when the things I don’t have to write about (I mean “have” in the sense of possession not obligation) are staring me in the face. That’s because “not having anything to write about” does not mean not having anything to write […]


According to the American founders all men are created equal. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, […]

Warning: your constitutional rights might depend on your race!

Jeff Soyer often does a better job with Philadelphia news than I do, and earlier today he criticized a Philadelphia Daily News editorial calling for new gun control measures. While it might be a bit foolish of me to expect fairness in a piece titled “THE GUN-VIOLENCE EPIDEMIC” what disturbs me the most was the […]

Going to court is so gay!

No really: (CBS 5) SANTA ROSA The school district’s battle against a phrase many teenagers use without giving much thought — “that’s so gay” — has sparked a legal fight. Uttered on high school and junior high campuses is slang not many may understand or appreciate. To say, “that’s so gay,” according to high school […]

“homosexual activist”? comment provocateur? Or sock puppet seeking help?

Regular readers might remember my recent post about Matt Barber’s suggestions for Bush’s State of the Union speech. I’m on the guy’s mailing list (I don’t know why), and I have attempted to address some of his concerns in this blog. His latest couple of mailings concern a death threat incident at Pam Spaulding’s House […]

The Worst Job in America

R rated – language Selling drugs in the inner cities is the worst job in America. The pay is low and the death rate is much higher than the death rate in Iraq. Drug prohibition has literally created a war zone in American inner cities. A University of Chicago economist who lived with a gang […]

accessories to fit the official enclownment

There isn’t much I can add to the beclowning of Professor Paul Campos (about whom I’ve complained before). I guess it wasn’t enough to have called Glenn a “Bush dead-ender” and “jingoistic right-wing ideologue” so it has to be ratcheted up to Glenn Reynolds, Fascist Murderer. Considering all the beclowning that’s been going on (even […]

“Saddam Hussein Hayek” finally sees the light

There’s nothing more challenging than agreeing with a central thesis that is mostly right, but which suddenly veers off on an irritating, seemingly minor tangent which ends up contradicting the central thesis. What’s worse is when the thesis involves complex unresolved philosophical questions that have plagued the West’s greatest thinkers for centuries, but are simplified […]

Outside the Wire

Outside the Wire You can see a high definition version of the trailer and buy the movie at Outside the Wire the DVD. Cross Posted at The Astute Bloggers

(I should probably never say never)

Pajamas Media has a fantastic piece by Buzz Aldrin and Taylor Dinerman about man’s return to the moon. Aldrin begins: On my last trip to the moon I didn’t get to stay the whole day and had to share my accommodations with another man. If I could go back, I would expect not only a […]

Please don’t make me refrain!

While I hope it’s not another indication of a coming showdown over What We Eat, Pajamas Media features a humorous piece by Nancy Rommelmann — a mother trying to cope with her daughter’s boyfriend’s veganism: My daughter insists he’s a vegan for political reasons; that Aidan–a tall, rangy high school senior who thrashes guitar in […]

Duke And The Cultural Marxist Program

I was commenting at Durham in Wonderland about the Duke Lacrosse case. I was explaining what the faculty Group of 88 are really up to and explaining their motivation. == Cultural Marxism explains what the Gang 88 is up to. The subversion of America. i.e. turning America into the USSR. an excerpt from the above […]

Democracy! Whiskey! What?

John Fund has an interesting piece in today’s Wall Street Journal, titled “George Washington, Whiskey Entrepreneur“: ….[H]ow many people know [George Washington] was also a leading businessman, probably the No. 1 whiskey producer in all of colonial America? Indeed, Washington was a prosperous farmer and entrepreneur throughout his life. “He thought like an American businessman,” […]

forgive us our pork

I doubt very many readers will remember that post more than two years ago, I complained about an employer who prohibited his employees from eating pork or having pork products on company premises. What I didn’t like was the bizarre notion that eating pork was discrimination against anyone: This is an interesting test case, and […]

Too inconvenient for Al Gore?

For years (decades, even) I’ve derided radical vegetarians and animal rights activists. By way argument ad absurdum, many times I have sarcastically opined that, given a chance, they would mandate a vegetarian diet. Well, thanks to the Global Warming hype, it looks like they may be getting the chance: Livestock are responsible for 18 percent […]

RINO Carnival — Dashiell Hammett edition

This week’s RINO Sightings Carnival is hosted by JimK at Right Thoughts. Taking the form of a hard-boiled detective drama, it’s one of the most creative carnivals I’ve seen: The night was black as ink and cold, the kind of cold that makes a man wish he had a bottle of applejack and someone to […]