While it wasn’t my intention, it must look like baby day at Classical Values, because first there was fetal alcohol syndrome…. And then, before that had had time to clear my system, I stumbled onto a favorite song from Jan and Dean.
Second only to the Beach Boys as a surfer group (and probably best known for “Dead Man’s Curve”), in the old days they did doowop, and my favorite Jan and Dean song — “Baby Talk.” It reached the Top Ten in 1959*, but I had no idea that a video had been made of it.
I’ve watched it twice now, and I think it’s just unbelievably fantastic.
Seriously. It’s from another world. I cannot imagine anyone making a video like this today.

While the lryics might be considered a bit much for modern standards, in those days, there was no Culture War.
Thank God.
* In the interest of complete accuracy, I should probably point out that in 1959, to quote the lyrics, “I was only five years old…”
Well I was!