This is the next president of the United States?

DAVENPORT, Iowa, Jan. 28 — Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton called today for President Bush to “extricate our country” from Iraq by the time he leaves office in 2009, and she also said she knew enough about “evil and bad men” to protect the country from its enemies.

(BTW, if that sounds snarky, remember, it’s the NYT, and not WND.)
Not that there’s anything wrong with protecting us from evil and bad men. (Or for that matter, evil and bad women.)
I don’t want to sound skeptical, but at this point, it’s all just talking the talk. (Like asking “Are you a good evil man, or a bad evil man?”)
Back in 1939, Billie Burke really knew how to walk the walk!


And if the questioning got tough, she knew how to disappear.
Not in a puff, but in a bubble!

And it never burst.
MORE: Was the “evil and bad men” remark possibly a reference to Bill Clinton? Glenn Reynolds links Don Surber, who wonders about Hillary’s “Maalox moment,” and thinks she should divorce him:

Every day, hundreds of young women with little babies to feed work up the courage to divorce the rat they married. Hillary should dump him already.
If Britney Spears is smart enough to dump K-Fed, surely the valedictorian of the Wellesley Class of ’69 can figure this out.

. I think this may be a Catch-22, for reasons I touched on earlier. But for Bill (who would have been reelected overwhelmingly had the Constitution allowed it), Hillary wouldn’t be a candidate. Thus, the idea that “a vote for Hill is a vote for Bill” is an inextricable part of what fuels her candidacy.
If she dumps Bill, she might be happier, but she bursts her own bubble. I don’t think she can be elected without him.
Of course, bubbles do cause gas.
(Hence the Maalox moment.)