“Kerry is exactly what the U.S. needs right now.”
Tehran Times, June 2004.

(The Tehran Times’ links to that and other pro-Kerry articles are not working, but they once were.)
This is not to suggest that Bush is perfect. Far from it. I’m often disappointed in him, and many times I’ve looked back and asked whether things might have been different had Kerry won.
The answer is yes they would have. I think they would have been worse. The more I read about Kerry, the more I’m glad I didn’t vote for him.
But none of it surprises me. It’s not as if we weren’t warned.
Kerry might be known as a flip-flopper, but he’s remarkably consistent on Iran.
Right now, it’s looking like this Cox and Forkum cartoon was a full three years ahead of its time:


I don’t know whether to call this “Kerry nostalgia,” as I tend to think of nostalgia as something pleasant.
Perhaps its post-election nostalgiaphobia.
Or considering that we’re in a state of perpetual state of election, maybe that would be pre-election nostalgiaphobia.
UPDATE: I said I was glad I didn’t vote for Kerry. But watching his performance on the video here, I’m even more glad. (Via Glenn Reynolds.)
UPDATE: Thank you, Glenn Reynolds for linking this post. Welcome all!
Considering the way Democrats (like Carter and Kerry have been acting), no wonder Joe Lieberman is considering endorsing a Republican. (I think that whether the two major party bases like it or not, a McCain-Lieberman ticket would be unbeatable.)