So proclaims the motto of the U.S.S. Hillary Clinton, according to John Birmingham’s Final Impact (The Axis of Time Trilogy, Book 3).
I didn’t order it, as I’m not a sci fi reader, but in this case perhaps I should make an exception. Not only does Justin say it’s great, but when Glenn Reynolds reviewed books one and two in the trilogy (Designated Targets and Weapons of Choice) — he noted that the author (and blogger) got in trouble for calling Hillary Clinton “the most uncompromising wartime President in the history of the United States.”
Stuff like that gets my attention in ways that “normal” science fiction can’t, so maybe I should try reading the sequel.
It’s probably a good idea to get caught up with history before it happens.
UPDATE: Via Wonkette (where they’re outraged enough to manage a Hitler comparison, although they avoided saying “Hitlery“) I see that six anti-war demonstrators have been arrested outside Hillary Clinton’s office.
Might these sci fi guys be onto something?
MORE: I guess this sort of thing was inevitable sooner or later.
You know, in the future, everyone will be Hitler for fifteen minutes?
No, I’m not going to copy and paste the offensive image! This armband was bad enough:


Can’t we just get along, folks?
Please. Give war a chance.
And don’t blame me! Wonkette started it!
ary’s “ominous pastels’ offensive, as Jan Moir of the Telegraph writes, Ilsa — She wolf of the SS might be more appropriate:
UPDATE: Sissy Willis has a classic post about Hillary’s Pink Offensive, with this picture:

I see fusion! Confusion! Collusion!
(A Vast Conspiracy of Pink Triangulation!)