I was noodling around at Relapsed Catholic and came across a note on Kwanzaa. Specifically Newsbusters says that Cox News is honoring the creator of Kwanzaa. Let us start with the headline of this little holiday confection.

Cox News Honors Kwanzaa Creator, A Rapist and Torturer

It only gets better after that.

It amazes me that this Kwanzaa business has been washed of the real life criminal activity of its creator. The man was a race monger, a violent thug, a rapist, a torturer… just a horrible human being.
Yet never a word of this man’s evil is ever uttered when his pseudo holiday is discussed in the MSM.
And the Cox News Service did it again on Christmas in theirs titled Kwanzaa glows even brighter after 40 years.
Kwanzaa turns 40 today. The colorful holiday, invented by California professor Maulana Ron Karenga in 1966, is like a jazz musician who fuses bits and pieces of music into a vibrant mosaic of sound. Kwanzaa, “first fruit” in Swahili, is a fluent, nonreligious holiday that borrows liberally from a patchwork of cultures and traditions.
Karenga originally created the seven-day observance to empower black communities and uplift black culture and identity.

It amazes him. It amuses me. This is the season with something for every one. For instance the secret history of Kwanzaa’s founder.

Yes, kindly professor Ron Karenga. What a great guy.
Of course, his name wasn’t really Ron Karenga originally. It was Ronald McKinley Everett.
In 1969 the organization called US (as is “us”–blacks–against “them” –whites), a black power militant group Everett founded, frequently clashed in violence with police and even other black power groups. Members of his group even killed two Black Panthers in 1969.
Nice and peaceful, eh?
In 1971 Everett served time in jail for assault. By then Everett had changed his name to Maulana Ron Karenga and began to affect a pseudo African costume and act a native African.
It wasn’t mere assault he was convicted of, either. It was sexual assault and torture perpetrated against some of his female followers. The L.A. Times then reported that he placed a hot soldering iron in one woman’s mouth and used a vise to crush another’s toe.

Well for those of you into that sort of thing it gets even better. This guy sounds like a modern day Mohammed without the grace. Toe squeezing being way too effeminate for Mohammed. Mo being more of an off with their heads kind of guy. Grand sweeping gesture that. The similarities between the stories on Mr. Karenga and Mohammed in the “real” press are that the press avoids the ugly details of what these fellows have been about. You should read it all at Newsbusters. If so inclined.
Relapsed has more on Kwanzaa.
Ann Coulter is scathing with a funny bit of doggerel. H/T Commenter linearthinker
Update: 31 Dec’06 2340z
Ann Coulter blames Kwanzaa on the FBI . H/T Steve Sailer
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